McDonald's restaurants in Azerbaijan get their first interactive self-service kiosks

Photo courtesy of BS/2

BS/2, a Lithuanian bank technology and retail company, recently installed the first interactive self-service kiosks in McDonald's restaurants in Azerbaijan, according to a press release.

The Diebold Nixdorf self-serve kiosks are located at a McDonald's store in the city of Amburan, a tourist destination.

Installation was performed by BSKOM, an Azerbaijan-based subsidiary of BS/2. BSKOM will also provide ongoing support and maintenance for the kiosks.

"We are looking forward to the same success in Azerbaijan due to possibilities given by self-service devices — faster ordering, payment and service in general, as well as reduced staff expenses,” Yurij Mikuckij, head of BS/2 retail sales, said in the press release.

Topics: Customer Experience, Interactive / Touchscreen, Manufacturers, Restaurants

Companies: DIEBOLD NIXDORF, BS/2, McDonald's

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