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In 2015, TDS established the US Company located in Santa Clara, CA, the heart of the Silicon Valley in American. We committed to supply professional Touch Display products, technology support and Touch Display Parts warehouse in the U.S.

TDS (Hechuang Technology Company) was founded in 2003. Headquarter located in SHENZHEN, IT manufacturing center in China. In the past 10+ years, TDS focused on develop and product Touch Display products. Now we have owned 6 product-line and 10+ kinds of products including Desktop Touch Monitors, Kiosks Touch Monitors (Open-Framed and Embedded), Touch Computer (All-in One) and Touch Screen (Projected Capacitive, Infrared and 5-Wire Resistive). TDS products has been widely applicate in Banking, Transportation, Logistics Industry and Public Information Self-Service Equipment in China.

TDS has various number of patents including two Touch Display shapes, 6 Touch Management software, Touch Drive and Touch Controller. TDS Products has been authorized by PCC, CE, RoHS and IP65 agency.


Products and Services

TDS Open-Frame Touch Screen Monitor(37,38 & 39 Serials)

TDS Open-Frame Touch Screen Monitor include: 1. 37 Serials: Wide-Aspect Ratio, 18.5", 21.5",24"&27" Zero-Bezel, multi Points PCAP;  2. 38 Serials: 10.4",12.1"(IR or PCAP) 3. 39 serials: 15", 17" & 19" (PCAP) Learn more »

TDS Desktop Touch Screen Monitor (01&02 Serials)

TDS Desktop Touch Screen Monitor include: 1. 01 Serials: Infrared or Projected Capacitive touch technology, full-Plastic shell and sleek form factor design; 2. 02 Serials: 5-Wire Resistive or Projected Capacitive touch technology, Slim-bezel design. Learn more »

TDS IR Touch Screen Signage(31.5", 43", 49", 55", 65" & 85")

TDS IR Touch Screen For Digital Signage, we supply big size IR Touch Frame and Touch Screen, the size include 31.5", 43", 49", 55", 65" & 85", 4, 6 & 10 multi-points touch technology, slim thickness (9.5mm), gold fingers at junction structure, efficient Algorithm. Learn more »

TDS 37A Series PCAP Touch Screen Signage

TDS 37A Series PCAP Touch Screen Signage include 37A_S Series (18.5", 21.5" & 23.6") and 37A_B Series (31.5”,43”,49” 55”); Zero-Bezel, the closed frame flat front surface PCAP touch monitor. Learn more »

TDS Mirror_Touch Display 21.5” Systems

TDS Touch Mirror System, 21.5" touch area, You can use the mirror while you look at the information you care about; Or you only use the mirror; Applied in Hotel bathroom, Beauty salon store, SPA Store and so on. Learn more »

TDS 2239 & 2439 OpenFrame 16:9 PCAP Touch Monitor

TDS 2239 & 2439 Open-Frame Touch Monitor, 16:9, 10-Points multi touch use PCAP, support, Portrait & Landscape. Learn more »

TDS-37A_I Touch Screen Signage ( 15.6", 18.5", 21.5", 23.6" &27")

TDS-37A_I Touch Screen for Signage, size include: 15.6", 18.5", 21.5", 23.6"  & 27" , 16:9, HD display, 10-Point multi PCAP Touch Technology.  Learn more »
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