• Energy saving LED technology
  • Wide voltage range
  • Integrated power unit
  • Magnet, screw or clip mount
  • Wide variety of connections
  • On/off switch or motion sensor

The LED 025 light series is suitable for all types of panels and enclosures, especially where space is at a premium. These lights have a very long service life due to the use of LED technology. They are available with powerful non-slip rubberized magnets allowing them to be easily positioned in any steel enclosure. Screw and clip mounting are also available as options. The power output allows up to 10 lights to be connected to each other (daisy chain) with both the input and output plugs snap-locking into place.

Products and Services

Filter Fan Protective Cover

Water is a threat to all electronics and electrical equipment. In harsh industrial environments or outdoor applications, water can endanger the operational safety within enclosures. Learn more »

STEGO ETF 012 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The ETF 012 senses the ambient temperature and relative air humidity. Depending on which contact combination is chosen, it then turns on or off a connected device if either the temperature is below or the humidity is above the set point. The integrated LED in each adjustment knob is lit when indicating the active function. Learn more »

STEGO CSF060/CSO060 Kiosk Heaters

The CSF060 is a touch-safe heater for use in enclosures. The design of the heater utilizes natural convection which results in a circulating current of warm air. Learn more »

Fan Heaters

The CSL 028 fan heater prevents formation of condensation and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures. Learn more »

STEGO FT011 Fixed Thermostats (Fixed Set Points)

STEGO Fixed Set Points Tamperproof Thermostats Learn more »

STEGO SJ 019 (Stegojet)

The STEGOJET is a compact, powerful built-in fan. It allows precise cooling of heat sources. The air flow prevents formation of heat pockets. Its design allows a rotation range of almost 180°. Learn more »

Adjustable Thermostats

The ST 011 and STS 011 thermostat is an SPST regulator with a small hysteresis. The housing design ensures optimized air circulation around the sensor element. Learn more »


Compact design Built-in overheat protection Integrated adjustable thermostat (optional) Double insulated plastic housing Learn more »


High DC switching capacity Adjustable humidity Small hysteresis Optical operating display (LED) Integrated switch module Precise measurement via an external sensor Learn more »
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