The X2S is a desktop model with a 15" LCD with Sound Acoustic Wave (SAW) touchscreen. Some of the components include a swipe card reader, barcode scanner, stereo speakers and an active cooling system. Optional components include a small printer, headphones, microphone and webcam if needed. Due to its compact size, it is an ideal choice when space is at a premium.

Products and Services

Floor Standing Kiosk Models

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Countertop and Wall Mount Kiosk Models

Our countertop and wall mount kiosk models are a great option for businesses that may have limited floor space. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X8

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SlabbKiosks X7E

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SlabbKiosks C5

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SlabbKiosks C6

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SlabbKiosks X8E

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SlabbKiosks O6

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SlabbKiosks OEM Kiosk Solutions

SlabbKiosks designs and manufactures OEM or custom solution kiosks under the brand name USAkiosks. These units allow organizations to get a kiosk that is built to suit their specific requirements as opposed to a standard kiosk that is reconfigured as best as possible to perform specific functions.   Learn more »
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