Slabb, Inc. dba SlabbKiosks is a leading international manufacturer of self-service, interactive kiosks, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our recent acquisition of Phoenix Kiosk and RedDotNet has allowed us to not only expand our product offering, but also enhance our manufacturing capabilities. We have production facilities in Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, and mainland China and two contracted warehouse and distribution centers in the US. We are able to complete over 250 projects per year, delivering thousands of kiosks from single prototypes to rollouts with a focus on innovation and affordability. Our experienced and responsive staff has over 100 years of combined industry experience allowing us to provide our clients with high quality, reliable,  state-of-the-art products, support and services. Additional information can be found at|


SlabbKiosks Products
Customers can choose from our extensive line of kiosk models and have them customized to suit their needs. Our models consist of:

  • Freestanding
    •  C Series
    •  X Series
    • Interactive Signage
  • Outdoor
  • Wall Mount
  • Countertop

Below we feature some models from our X series – the X2 countertop kiosk, which can be attended or unattended and our popular X6.




Products and Services

SlabbKiosks X5 Informational kiosk

The Slabb X5 kiosk is a smart blend of stainless steel, simplicity, elegance, function and aesthetics. Its rugged indoor design allows it to be placed in most public indoor access areas. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X1 Wall-Mount Kiosk

The X1 is a slim line, wall-mountable kiosk that strikes the perfect balance between cutting-edge style and affordability. Its versatility is unrivaled allowing the user to choose from a 19” to a 30” LCD display. It is the right solution to provide the user with digital signage, way finding, directory and product information. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X2/X3 Desktop, Rugged Kiosks

Adaptability and functionality combined with a dash of cool were the key ingredients in the design of the Slabb X2 (Desktop) and X3 (Wall Mount). Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X4 Wall-Mount Informational Kiosk

The Slabb X4 series is also adaptable and functional with a sleek, cool finish.  Learn more »

SlabbKiosks Q5 – Interactive Signage

Our Interactive Signage is not comparable to anything else in the industry. The Q5 unit is rugged, robust and vandal-proof and available in any color. Moreover, each unit of 26” and above has standard HD resolution and no external wiring. Businesses that wish to implement interactive signage in a public space where a CCTV network is not available can use the Q5 as an alternative. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X6 Transactional Kiosk

The X6 has an ultra-modern design with an amazingly low price providing high-end kiosk technology that doesn’t compromise quality or functionality. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X7 Transactional Kiosk

The X7 kiosk is sleek, simple, attractive and extremely versatile. Beneath its elegant finish lies a rugged steel enclosure that is ideal for high usage locations. Its optional side brochure rack, makes it a perfect informational or retail kiosk. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X7E Transactional Kiosk

Our X7E is a versatile model with an ultra-modern design. Its sleek design masks the ample size of its16-gauge steel enclosure which can accommodate the components that provide customized functionality, including receipt printers, cash acceptors and scanners. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks C7E Transactional Kiosk

The C7E kiosk is a smart blend of stainless steel, simplicity, elegance, functionality and aesthetics. It is one of our low cost kiosks, allowing companies to provide a self-service option for their customers, while keeping costs down. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X8 Interactive Signage Wall-mount Unit

The X8 is an exceptionally designed, stylish interactive signage unit. It features a 24” widescreen High Definition (HD) Display that provides maximum clarity when viewing videos and images. Its sleek design allows it to be used as a wall-mountable unit with a choice of a compact or slender variation. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X8E Interactive Signage Freestanding Model

The X8E is an exceptionally designed, stylish interactive signage kiosk that can be equipped with a stand and used as a freestanding unit or a wall-mountable unit without the stand. It features a 24” widescreen High Definition (HD) Display that provides maximum clarity when viewing videos and images. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X9 Kiosk

The Slabb X9 kiosk has a distinctive design with a mixture of straight lines and smooth curves. It comes with a 19” LCD display and is perfect for locations where space is at a premium, due to its front access design which not only allows the unit to move easily but also facilitates easy access and maintenance. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X9E Kiosk

The X9E provides the option of a 19” overhead LCD monitor on the X9 base. It has the same distinctive design of the X9, with a mixture of straight lines and smooth curves. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X10 Informational Wayfinding Kiosk

The Slabb X10 is a fully modular interactive digital signage kiosk and hardware platform. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X6A Kiosk

The X6A though sleek, rugged and vandal-resistance, as is the norm with all our kiosks, is unlike any of our other models. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X2S Kiosk

The X2S is a desktop model with a 15" LCD with Sound Acoustic Wave (SAW) touchscreen. Some of the components include a swipe card reader, barcode scanner, stereo speakers and an active cooling system. Optional components include a small printer, headphones, microphone and webcam if needed. Due to its compact size, it is an ideal choice when space is at a premium. Learn more »

SlabbKiosks X4T Wall Mount Digital Signage

The X4T is a mounted version of one of Slabb's more popular wall mount interactive digital signage models. Like the Q5, the x4T is rugged, robust and vandal-proof and available in any color with standard HD resolution and not external wiring. It comes with a 42" horizontal LCD screen display with or without a touch screen. Learn more »
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