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Established over 100 years ago, RedyRef Interactive Kiosks is a US Based manufacturer of Interactive kiosks & software development. RedyRef has earned its reputation over the years with world class capabilities in kiosk  design & development.  Core competencies in kiosk manufacturing include customizable kiosk design, engineering and fabrication; on the software end, transactional systems, touch screen directories, interactive wayfinding, digital signage, and automated driver’s license testing.

RedyRef´s kiosk manufacturing capabilities originated in the telephone business in 1913. The name RedyRef came from the multiple patents the company held on the "Redy References" that held the yellow and white paged telephone books. In the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s, RedyRef was one of the largest phone booth providers in the world. As technology evolved and the use for public phone use diminished, the phone booth became the phone kiosk and eventually became the computer kiosk. RedyRef has been engineering, fabricating and integrating interactive kiosks since the mid 1990´s. Currently, RedyRef has (4) manufacturing locations throughout the US totally 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space & software development. The main facility operates in the Riverdale, NJ location.

Products and Services

enGAGE Standard Kiosk Platform

The enGAGE™ line of standard kiosks features over a dozen different variations for kiosk deployers to utilize as the basic platform of their kiosk requirement. The platform can be used as it exists or be semi-customized to meet the component requirements of any kiosk application. Learn more »

Kiosks | Customization

The modularity of the kiosk design is in the fact that the metal cabinets, that we call skins, are mounted/hung from the frames, which are also completely customizable to the needs of the sizes of the components that they house. Learn more »

Kiosks | Freestanding

Base unit upon which the system is built. Features modular sections and monitor options mounted to 1x2 metal uprights.   Learn more »

Kiosks | Wall

A variation of the freestanding unit, featuring the same level of modulatiry, that mounts to a vertical surface. Learn more »

Kiosks | Low Freestanding

Based on the standard freestanding unit, this is a lower version with an angled primary monitor, perfect for directories and interactive wayfinding. Learn more »

Kiosk | Freestanding Tablet

A freestanding display that holds a tablet. Learn more »

Kiosks | Countertop

Standard countertop kiosk features an integrated tablet interface. Learn more »

Healthcare Kiosk

Patient self-service kiosks are being used with growing frequency in hospital ambulatory settings and emergency departments. These interactive computer stations, which come in a variety of designs, perform self-service tasks such as patient check-in, collection of copayments, and wayfinding. Learn more »

Retail Kiosk

Retail kiosks provide many benefits to any company looking to enhance their retail revenue. They increase company reach to more customers. They can also educate the customer, increase revenue and sales opportunities and save time and money on substitution sales of out of stock products via online fulfillment. Learn more »

Touch Screen Directory Kiosk

REDYREF manufacturers & develops touch screen directory systems and informational display systems for office buildings, hospitals, universities, courthouses, hotels/ convention centers, airports, donor walls and additional customized applications. Learn more »

DMV Kiosk

SelfTest™ DMV Testing Kiosk Software is a Windows based software suite designed to take advantage of the existing statewide LAN/WAN environment, and can be enabled to communicate directly to existing databases and state systems to retrieve pertinent user information and statistics, as well as to pass testing results into the state’s driver management and licensing system. Learn more »

Transportation Kiosk

Transportation kiosks provide the traveler with all of the options to get to their final destination. Learn more »

HR Kiosk

Employees are demanding more from their HR departments and Self Service Kiosks provide a valuable solution to providing employees what they need in a quick but secure manner. Learn more »

Digital Self-Service Kiosk Design, Engineering

RedyRef has a full staff of engineers and designers with capabilities that includes: SolidWorks and Pro-E Wildfire parametric design software, versacad, autocad, 3D modeling, photorelistic rendering, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Learn more »

Telephone Specialties

Redyref is recognized throughout the industry as the "standard" for telephone enclosure equipment. Learn more »
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