SiteKiosk is a kiosk and digital signage software that can be used to secure public computers and kiosks and defines how they can be used in locations like schools, hotels, banks, lobbies, retail stores etc. You can also display engaging multi-media campaigns with SiteKiosk.

The software protects the operating system against unwanted or malicious user manipulation. SiteKiosk defines how the computer can be used and access can be limited to certain websites, programs and folders. SiteKiosk provides a large selection of customizable start page templates, browser skins, on-screen keyboards, an Internet content filter, an intuitive configuration tool and many other features. Download and try it for free at   


SiteKiosk features:

• Operating system, desktop and internet browser lockdown

• Auto start & Shell replacement

• Blocking of system-critical key combinations

• Folder and drive access management

• URL access restricting (White & black list)

• Attract loop / Screensaver

• Internet content filtering

• System reset after idle time

• Auto Recovery and Logout (Clear history, cache, cookies)

• Great selection of browser skins and start pages

• Email client

• Integration of additional applications, programs and games (Word, Excel etc.)

• Web cam support

• VoIP video and voice conferencing

• Multi-Language support

• On-screen keyboard

• Log Files

• Payment device support (Credit card readers, cash acceptors, etc.)

• Internet café billing, PIN codes and user account management (SiteCafe)

• Digital signage functionality / Multi-media campaigns (Requires SiteRemote account at

• Remote monitoring, management and content updating (Requires SiteRemote account at

• Free trial version at  

SiteKiosk is fully customizable and proven to fit the unique needs of kiosk and digital signage projects in any situation. We use the latest technologies to provide a high quality user interface and one-of-a-kind level of protection. The reliability of SiteKiosk allows us to provide free customer support by email and phone for 12 months.

Products and Services

SiteKiosk - Digital Signage Software

SiteKiosk is a leading digital signage and kiosk software solution to display up-to-date product information, advertisements, news and other content on DS displays and kiosks in public locations like retail stores, airports, hotels, universities, lobbies, waiting rooms and restaurants. Publish your content to all of your screens with only a few clicks and start engaging your customers with compelling multi-media campaigns right away. Learn more »

SiteRemote - Remote Management Solution

SiteRemote is a digital signage and remote control solution for SiteKiosk computers and displays.The server based SiteRemote management console makes it easy for you to perform remote maintenance and quickly create and publish engaging multimedia campaigns on your SiteKiosk computers and displays in public locations like retail stores, banks, hotels, lobbies and universities. SiteRemote provides you with all the tools you need for a successful kiosk and digital signage deployment. Learn more »
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