OptConnect specializes in providing wireless connectivity solutions for M2M including Digital Signage and Kiosks applications.  WiFi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee often do not provide the range necessary, and wired connections can be costly. Cellular/Wireless connectivity gives you location flexibility and the widest possible coverage. 

OptConnect provides a fully-managed service, supplying hardware, network connections from all of North America’s major carriers, and support services.  Managed, end-to-end service allows integrators to add OptConnect to product offerings without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.  

Secure Connectivity
OptConnect offers the same reliable and secure connection, traditionally achieved with landlines, using revolutionary wireless technology. Wireless operation on cellular networks enables faster transaction speeds and complete mobility.

Reliable Technology
The OptConnect 3G/4G LTE wireless gateways offer the same reliability as landlines at a much lower cost. Wider coverage, increased data transfer speeds and equipment dependability afforded by wireless service allows for greater flexibility of placement.

Simple Installation
Wireless connectivity allows for same-day device deployment, whereas installation of a landline-dependent devices can encounter a number of delays and added costs. Furthermore, wireless signs retain their flexibility after initial deployment and can relocate from one place to another without the expensive hassles of rewiring and reactivation.

Lifetime Warranty
OptConnect offers a lifetime warranty with advance overnight replacement in the rare event of equipment failure.

Products and Services

Wireless Modem OC-3500

OptConnect's OC-3500 Dial-Up and IP - All Inclusive Plan is the industry's best wireless connectivity solution for devices that can communicate via Dial-up or IP. The Plan provides for no purchase costs, a low monthly connectivity rate, free 24x7 technical supports, ease of deployment, and lifetime warranty.   Learn more »

OptReboot Remote Power Switch

When a Kiosk, digital sign or similar device goes out of service, the solution is often simply rebooting the machine. As easy as that sounds, it usually requires an onsite visit or call to the merchant. Troubleshooting minutes can turn into hours as phone calls, travel time, and onsite time quickly add up while lost revenue edges higher and higher. In the wireless world we live in, there’s a much better solution. Learn more »

OptConnect Portal

With powerful tools, customers can control and monitor their OptConnect devices as if they were standing in front of them. Basic access is available at no charge and users can upgrade to add Premium level features for a nominal monthly fee. Learn more »
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