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Closely collaborating with kiosk developers for over 20 years

ARCA’s solutions help people control and streamline cash operations in financial institutions, retail stores, and self-service kiosks around the world. Our overriding drive is to develop technology and services that make transactions simpler, more efficient, and more secure. 

Be brilliant — let us do the integration dirty work.

Flawless integration is critical. It's the difference between the realization of a dream and a boat anchor. At ARCA, we work with your team to help make components play nice. We offer creative collaboration, helping developers fine tune their own proprietary systems. We have a bunch of really smart engineers squirreled away in the back room. They spend their days pouring over designs and dreaming up the simplest, most practical ways of dispensing and receiving cash. They are cash integrators that specialize in turning your pie-in-the-sky idea into a concrete product that works.

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Products and Services

Envoy | OEM Kiosk Integration Software

Bridging the gap between software and hardware. Integrating devices with kiosk application software is a challenge. We’ve developed a single API that spans multiple hardware manufacturers, multiple operating systems, and multiple programming languages. Envoy. Learn more »

Cryptera Encrypting PIN Pads

Financial institutions, retailers and other companies offering self-payment or unattended payment require the use of PIN pads that perform encryption that meets the standards of 3DES and RSA in order to provide the most secure payment option for their customers. Learn more »

ARCA SID Open Frame High Speed Deposit

Designed as a reliable OEM solution for deposit machines and for high-use kiosk environments, the SID open frame deposit bill validator quickly processes bundles of mixed banknotes using long-edge document processing. Learn more »
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