U.S. Payments supplies turn-key networks for kiosk bill payment. Our PaySite® terminals lower the cost of in-person payments and increases customer satisfaction.

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Paducah Power System's PayGo Success

Paducah Power System counts on PaySite billpay kiosks to offer an additional payment channel to its customers.

Implementing a Billpay Kiosk Project Step-by-Step

Deploying billpay kiosks looks like a complicated process, but it doesn’t need to be.

Prepaid + Payment Kiosks = The Perfect Fit

Bill payment kiosks provide a boost for the launch of prepaid programs.

Finding the Sweet Spot with Bill Payment Kiosks

When considering the use of billpay kiosks, it’s important to look beyond the obvious.

Billpay: Kiosks Offer Benefits to the Bottom Line

Convenient billpay starts with self-service, and retailers are installing billpay kiosks that allow customers to pay all their bills in one stop. Discover the benefits offered by self-service billpay kiosks, and learn why they can add to both the biller's and the retailer's bottom line.

Billpay Kiosks Enhance Supermarket Customer Service

After trying a variety of solutions, Oklahoma's Homeland Stores found success with billpay kiosks from U.S. Payments.

Managing Electricity Costs with Kiosks and Metering

Self-service technolopgy, in combination with a smart grid, can change the utility purchase model.

Benefits of Bill-Payment Kiosks for Customers

With a self-service application to pay bills, a service provider can save money, boost payment rates and create a better customer experience.

Benefits of Bill-Payment Kiosks for Retailers

Payment-accepting self-service technology can help stores increase revenue, add foot traffic and create a better customer experience.

Ask the Experts: How does self-service bill payment help retailers build their bottom lines?

Self-service bill payment is touted for a number of reasons — enhanced customer convenience, improved efficiency for the retail operations and staff and providing a means for retailers to offer a service they might not otherwise have the capacity to...

Ask the Experts: Who uses billpay kiosks in retail locations?

Before moving forward with a new service or product launch, a retailer must clearly understand who it aims to target with its new offering, as well as why and how the new offer is going to meet a certain market...

Ask the Experts: What benefits do billpay kiosks offer retailers?

In this challenging economic environment, retailers are looking for new ways to reach consumers and patrons, while also building new lines of revenue. Additional services such as bill payment can play an important role.

Ask the Experts: Why should billers use billpay kiosks in retail stores?

Retailers and billers have long had bill-payment relationships, but they could still offer this and take the clerk out of the equation with a self-service billpay solution.    Jim Bennett, the chief executive of U.S.

Retailers and billpay kiosks

A new report details how stores can profit from self-service bill-payment.

Experticity's Matt Scoble demos live-talkback kiosk

Matt Scoble, vice president of business development for Experticity, demos the company's live talkback solution.

Coverage from KioskCom Self Service Expo 2008

Self-Service World and Kiosk Marketplace present a look at some of the exhibits and people from the KioskCom Las Vegas show.

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