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10 Reasons Why Kiosk Projects Fail

If you’re thinking about kiosk implementation at your business or are about to start a kiosk project, this white paper provides some information on some of the reasons your kiosk may not be used by your customers. Read on and ensure that your kiosk project is successful.

What is a Kiosk?

In this industry, its always good to start with the basics. Kiosk Manufacturers and providers should never make the assumption that potential customers/clients know exactly what a kiosk is. This infographic seeks to explain.

Judicial Efficiency through the use of Self-service Kiosks

The kiosks provide the means by which applicants access the judicial system’s software.

O6 Solutions

Our O6, outdoor kiosk model is commonly used to provide parking kiosk solutions. It is a rugged, vandal-resistant model that can be used as an unattended solution, perfect for the distribution and payment of parking tickets or fees.

X6 Solutions

The X6 has a rugged, stainless steel enclosure that makes it vandal-resistant and ideal for high traffic locations.

Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare solutions provide alternatives for medical centers and healthcare institutions to effectively manage their patient care processes through wayfinding, self-service check in and/or payment solutions for patients.

OEM & Customized Kiosk Solutions by SlabbKiosks

SlabbKiosks have expanded our product line to include OEM Solutions and have launched a site dedicated to showcasing these designs at Each of our customized units are created to specification as each client is taken from consulting to analysis to design to prototype to production.

The SlabbKiosks X6 Model as a Multi-Function Solution

SlabbKiosks client was looking for an in-store payment solution. The project started with a long list of components that were required. However, after discussions, analysis and eleven (11) hardware revisions, we created a machine-ready design.

SlabbKiosks Collaborate to Provide Educational Support through Kiosks

EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER, REGION 20 (ESC 20) is one of 20 regional education service agencies within Texas which assist school districts in improving student performance and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations.In 2010, the Center was looking for a solution to offer their clients online access.

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