The Waiting Dead: Preventing the zombie apocalypse with self-service kiosks [infographic]

While there's no single elixir to eradicate life's many lines, there's certainly an arsenal of interactive technology that businesses can rely upon to prevent their customers from catching the disease of The Waiting Dead.

The Technologies Behind the Evolution and Future of Self-service Kiosks

The continued growth of mobile, NFC and more is changing the face of customer engagement.

University Improves Self-Service, Communication with Digital Signage

PROVISIO helps University of Texas combine the best of kiosks and DOOH, to enhance both.

Billpay: Kiosks Offer Benefits to the Bottom Line

Convenient billpay starts with self-service, and retailers are installing billpay kiosks that allow customers to pay all their bills in one stop. Discover the benefits offered by self-service billpay kiosks, and learn why they can add to both the biller's and the retailer's bottom line.

A Reliable Retouch

Founded in 1992, DNP Photo Imaging America (originally Pixel Magic Imaging) is one of the largest providers of digital imaging solutions for photo retailers. Its customers include mass retailers, grocery stores and photo speciality retailers. With such a large and...

Digital Signage and One-to-One Marketing

Learn about the emerging world of dynamic signage - and how to implement it in your business - with this free guide.

Assisted Selling Devices: How to Provide Better Service and Influence Purchases

Assisted selling helps customers help themselves, not only at the point of purchase, but throughout the buying process. Learn how to use assisted selling in this free guide.

KioskCom 2008 Feature Exhibitor Guide

Information on exhibitors in KioskCom 2008 NYC.

Self-Service at Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

For shoppers, a trip to the grocery or supermarket is often logistically challenging. Self-service technology can help them make the most of their weekly trip.

Cash Automation Devices: How to Choose the Right One for Your Application

Cash management is a complicated affair. Learn the ins and outs of cash acceptors, dispensers and recyclers.

Special Report: The Case for Self-Service Bill Pay

Learn how to improve receivables and reduce churn with financial kiosks.

A Guide to Photo Kiosks — Market Survey

Photo kiosks are among the most popular and complex of all self-service devices. Understand the market and the machines with this guide from PMAI.

Self-Service Branding: Carry Marketing Messages to the Kiosk

Self-service does more than empower your customers — it empowers you to extend your brand. Learn how in this special report from Self-Service World.

Demystifying RFID: What Every Businessperson Needs to Know

Sign up now to receive this free special publication on radio frequency ID technology and what it will mean to your business.

How to choose the right printer for your self-service device

You — and your customers — only get out of a printer what you put in.

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