It's All About the Customer Experience

Great experiences keep customers coming back time and time again. Give your customers a “wow” experience and they will tell their friends and colleagues and share on social media.

How Automated Retail Can Increase Profits and Improve the Customer Experience

Traditional retailers are facing challenges from a hose of new channels, and it's critical for them to adapt to survive.

Webinar: Hire better. Reduce employee theft. Save thousands.

NOT hiring the wrong people is just as important as getting great ones.

Four Benefits for Retailers and Customers from Self-Service Kiosks

Deployment of the technology yields benefits on both sides of the counter.

Self-Service Store Integration

Self-service technology can enhance the customer experience, but proper integration is pivotal. Learn how smartly deployed technology can unify the shopping experience while adding new customer touchpoints.

Price Checkers and Digital Signage Can Provide Data to Customers

Price checking scanners and digital signage can be integrated to allow retailers to enhance marketing and offer convenience for customers, leading to increased ROI.

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