American company that designs and manufacturers thermal printers and bill validators. All products are Made in the USA.

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The Best Kiosks Share these Five Traits

The most effective kiosks have found harmony in engineering, art, and pragmatism. Naturally, this presents the question of what precisely defines a great kiosk.

7 Facts about Thermal Paper

We have collected an assortment of facts about thermal paper that inspire you to forgo digital receipts and continue to hoard these ghosts of money that once belonged to us.

Reliance -80mm- Thermal Presenter Printer

Plug the Reliance in and begin experiencing years of trouble-free service.

Phoenix Thermal Printers

Simplicity of design. Features that matter. Reliability that you can trust.

Apex 7000

We know you just want something that works. The Made in the USA Apex 7000 is your answer. Built on over 10 years of engineering and customer design, Apex 7000 is the solution to your validator needs.

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