FutureLogic PromoNet® Coupon Solution

A template-based system helps casinos design and manage a wide range of promotional campaigns from the convenience of a workstation PC.

FutureLogic GEN2™ Printer

The GEN2™ printer, the second generation TITO printer by FutureLogic, builds on the exceptional success of the industry’s first and most copied cashless ticket printer, the PSA-66-ST. While maintaining the robustness and reliability of its predecessor, as the most decorated printer in gaming

FutureLogic GEN2 Universal™ Printer

The GEN2 Universal™ family of printers builds on the technology that has made FutureLogic the leading manufacturer of TITO ticket printers for cashless gaming.

FutureLogic CouponXpress™ Desktop TITO/ Coupon Printe

The CouponXpress™ desktop TITO/ coupon printer builds on the technology that has made FutureLogic the leading manufacturer of TITO printers – bringing all of the popular GEN2 Universal™ printer’s features, functions and flexibility from the game to the cashier’s cage, hotel front desk, unattended kiosks and other transaction points.

FutureLogic GEN3 Evolution® Printer

Designed to keep pace with current — and future — demands of server-based gaming, promotional couponing and the continually evolving TITO market, the GEN3 Evolution® printer offers features and benefits superior to any gaming printer available today.

FutureLogic Eclipse™ Universal Ticket and Receipt Printer

In response to continued industry demand for robust outdoor printer solutions, here is a fully integrated heavy-duty thermal printer that delivers superior performance in extreme operating conditions, whatever the application. Introducing the Eclipse™ universal ticket and receipt printer from FutureLogic....

Leading OEMs Let Bets Ride on Thermal Printers from FutureLogic

After cashless gaming took off in the 1990s, International Game Technology got the idea to introduce printed vouchers for use as currency in other games. To make this idea a reality, IGT needed a highly reliable printer. FutureLogic provided a thermal printer solution to meet IGT's needs.

A Business Case for Reliable Gas Pump Receipt Printers

Since the mid- to late-1980’s, pay-at-the-pump strategies have evolved from self-service cash and credit card transactions to interactive merchandising. Early on, this efficient and customer-friendly approach helped shorten lines at the pump, but it also had an effect on revenue...

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