CUSTOM is able to supply and realize "turnkey" Digital Signage systems, starting from the study of customer's needs, collecting his suggestions and transposing them in technological instruments specifically created for him, for his features and needs. CUSTOM doesn't draw on external duties and skills, but contains all the know-how to fully develop the project.

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Three Benefits for RFID Use in Airports

By consolidating and expediting the check-in process, creating the ability to track items and employees, and enhancing security, RFID is being utilized in a variety of ways in airports.

Three Benefits of Mobile Payments

Faster transaction speeds, better security and more targeted marketing are helping mobile payments grow.

RFID in Vehicles

New uses for the technology allow companies to offer self-service rentals and track deliveries more effectively.

RFID Technology in the Gaming Industry

As radio frequency identification (RFID) becomes more commonplace, casinos are finding new and increasingly creative ways to utilize the technology.

Three Uses for RFID in Retail Kiosks

Radio frequency ID tags at kiosks can increase checkout speed, make using loyalty cards easier and increase the integration of social media in the retail experience.

An Introduction to RFID Technology

Deployers must understand how the increasingly popular RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) works and what it takes to be effective.

Baggage Self-Check-In the Latest Airport Innovation

Kiosks that allow passengers to tag their bags at the airport can cut costs and reduce wait time.

The Benefits of Deploying Multifunction Kiosks

Integrating several applications into one kiosk can help deployers find cost savings and greater efficiency while also opening up multiple revenue streams.

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