Tegan Worrall

Tegan Worrall

Tegan Worrall is the Marketing Coordinator for CV Media & Signage. With expertise across static and digital signage, they work with clients to choose the right signage for the right creative in the right location.

Latest: Digital signage crafts ultimate Happy Meal for QSR
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Paul Flanigan

Paul Flanigan Flanigan is the former executive director of the Digital Screenmedia Association. You can also find him writing regularly at his own blog, Experiate.net.

Latest: Screens: They're expected
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Flint Bradley

Flint Bradley With more than 32 years of electronics industry experience, Flint's held cross-functional roles for fortune 500 to start-up companies. He has a BSEE with an emphasis in Microelectronics Processing and Operations from Arizona State.

Latest: Controlling false-touches is possible
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Charles Levinski

Charles Levinski Levinski has worked in the printer industry for over 30 years, with focus on the integration of printers into customer’s kiosks/equipment. Currently a global marketing engineer for HECON/Hengstler, he applies this knowledge worldwide.

Latest: How to select a kiosk printer: Part 5

Richard Buckle

Richard Buckle Richard Buckle is the founder and CEO of Pyalla Technologies LLC. He has enjoyed a long association with the IT industry as a user, vendor, and more recently, as an industry commentator.

Latest: Coloring outside the lines of ATMs
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Deanna Salas

Deanna Salas

Deanna Salas joined Banyan Hills Technologies as CMO in 2016, but her contributions to company began long before then. She started providing creative support early on and helped shape the brand for the company and its IoT platform Canopy. Applying ...

Latest: Inside the Box: Shut the Front Door
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Lucy Bateman

Lucy Bateman Lucy Bateman has worked with kiosks and self-service solutions for the public sector for the past 7 years. During this time she has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience on touchscreen solutions and public-sector services. She work closely with ...

Latest: A bite-sized guide to kiosk deployment
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Natsumi Nakamura

Natsumi Nakamura Natsumi Nakamura is in charge of the product marketing for kiosk hardware and software solutions at PFU Systems. She has also played a critical role in hardware/software development as well as business development for several kiosk projects.

Latest: Why Penn's wine kiosk failed: Part 3
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Marc Borbas

Marc Borbas Marc is vice president of marketing at INETCO Systems Limited, a leading expert in business transaction management software for the financial services and payments industry.

Latest: Self-service evolution or die: 5 best practices for monitoring multichannel banking environments

David Little

David Little David serves as Keywest Technology’s director of marketing and has a background in emerging digital technologies, working for more than a decade as an electronic field engineer with digital video equipment manufacturers before joining Keywest Technology.

Latest: Is self-service the future of banking?
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Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken Short Bio: Shep Hyken is a customer experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations. He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of ...

Latest: Customer service strategy: Deliver value with time
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Kelsie Collins

Kelsie Collins Kelsie Collins is marketing content writer and editor for Advanced Kiosks.

Latest: Looking for secure self storage? Kiosks play a role
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David Anzia

David Anzia

David Anzia is Senior Vice President-Sales for Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. With twenty-plus years at FMA, David has been instrumental in developing and nurturing numerous long-term account relationships that have contributed to the company’s success.

Latest: Tracking the 'next big thing' in retail technology

Frank Olea

Frank Olea Frank Olea is the CEO of Olea Kiosks Inc. Frank has been designing and manufacturing kiosk solutions for almost 20 years and has held numerous kiosk industry Board of Director positions.

Latest: Micro markets: the self-service supermarket in the lobby
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Ron Bowers

Ron Bowers Ron Bowers and Frank Mayer & Associates are recognized for their expertise of the in-store merchandising marketplace. Their creative insight has developed leading edge point of purchase displays, digital signage, kiosks, mobile, and self-service retail customer experiences.

Latest: Merchandising for the Connected Consumer
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Michael Kasavana

Michael Kasavana

Michael Kasavana, Ph.D., is the National Automatic Merchandising Association endowed professor emeritus. Dr. Kasavana has authored or co-authored six books and a host of academic and industry journal articles. In addition, he has also created a series of online instructional ...

Latest: Redefining automated retailing part 5: Wayfinding enters the mix

Soheil Samimi

Soheil Samimi Recognized as a pioneer in the DVD Kiosk industry, Soheil Samimi has helped to establish the concept in North America. He helps identify partnerships for iMOZI, a company that focuses on the delivery of DVDs and digital movies via kiosks.

Latest: Redbox dominating DVD kiosk market
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Vlad Kravtsov

Vlad Kravtsov Vlad Kravtsov is a seasoned marketing professional specialized in the development and management of high tech products.

Latest: The evolution of bill payment kiosks in Eastern European countries
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Sandra Nix

Sandra Nix Sandy Nix is CEO of CTS, a kiosk company serving a range of specialty markets including health care. CTS patient kiosks have processed more than 10 million patient check-ins to date.

Latest: If you build It, will they really come? Rx for successful Health care kiosks.
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Bryan Pearson

Bryan Pearson Bryan Pearson is President and CEO of LoyaltyOne Inc. and the author of the best-selling book The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy.

Latest: Target empowers self-service wellness

Andrew Savala

Andrew Savala Andrew Savala is the CEO of RedSwimmer Inc. the creators of the kiosk lockdown software KioskSimple. Andrew has been developing kiosk software for Windows platforms since 2007 with an emphasis on .NET WPF kiosk application design.

Latest: Five pitfalls to avoid when dispensing cash
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Jeff Hastings

Jeff Hastings BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings joined BrightSign in August 2009 while it was still a division of Roku Inc. In late 2010 with digital signage activities growing so rapidly, BrightSign became a separate firm. The holder of eight U.S. patents, he ...

Latest: Are kiosks the next step for restaurant-based digital signage?

Brad Hintze

Brad Hintze Brad is VP of marketing at MokiMobility, a platform for remotely managing and monitoring of iPad and Android tablet kiosks.

Latest: The 6 requirements for a successful tablet kiosk deployment
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Kurt Myrick

Kurt Myrick Rich Bernstein brings more than 10 years of marketing, management and writing experience to Phoenix Kiosk. Rich oversees the daily and long-term direction of the marketing department.

Latest: Kiosks ease workflow on college campuses
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Craig Martin

Craig Martin Craig Martin has over 15 years of experience providing Fortune 500 brands and retailers with innovative digital merchandising solutions. He founded Reality Interactive, LLC in 2004. Prior to that, he held senior business development positions at Media Right and Netkey. ...

Latest: 3 things to remember when crafting an interactive retail experience
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Jessica Webster

Jessica Webster Jessica Webster is the Art Director for Horizon Display, an interactive solutions company which focuses on creating dynamic experiences that align with customers’ business objectives. She is responsible for working with Horizon’s interactive strategy team to engineer graphical representations of ...

Latest: The unspoken truths about touch display content

Casey Dubbs

Casey Dubbs Casey Dubbs, Marketing Manager for Horizon Display. Casey is a classic over-achiever who likes to get the job done right and can’t stand when things are left unfinished or with unmet potential. She is passionate about implementing others’ vision into ...

Latest: 4 Predictions for touchscreen software in 2017
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Bill Lynch

Bill Lynch As Vice President of Business Development at Reevex, Bill is responsible for their sales and marketing strategy. Reevex is a software development company and a leader in the design of self-service kiosk and mobile applications. Prior to Reevex, Bill held ...

Latest: The power of engagement
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Gary Pageau

Gary Pageau Gary Pageau is the former publisher of PMA magazine. He is currently with InfoCircle Content Marketing Services.

Latest: Polaroid Fotobar powers kiosks with Chrome
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Doug Bannister

Doug Bannister Doug is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Omnivex Corporation. Doug founded Omnivex after 7 successful years in the LED sign software business to take advantage of the newer screen technologies. Recognizing the potential for a revolutionary signage ...

Latest: Wayfinding kiosks raises transportation IQ
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Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin AV entrepreneur and analyst Tim Griffin is the founder and CTO of Userful Corporation, an industry leading software appliance for AV & IT professionals to easily control large numbers of displays, including video walls and digital signage, as well as ...

Latest: Video walls in hospitality: A gateway into the future
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Elliot Maras

Elliot Maras Elliot Maras is the editor of KioskMarketplace.com and FoodTruckOperator.com.

Latest: NEC gets it right – for display technology, the age of collaboration has arrived

Lyle Bunn

Lyle Bunn

is North America’s longest serving analyst, advisor and educator in North America’s Dynamic Media industry. He serves on the BrainTrust of RetailWire.com, as Chair of the Center for Digital Experience and was nominated as the Elevate Awards Customer Experience Influencer ...

Latest: Customer experience is defined at new levels during ICX Summit 2017
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Marla Topliff

Marla Topliff Marla Topliff, president of Rosati’s Pizza, has helped grow the Chicago franchise from 60 stores in 1999 to the 170 national brand that it is today. She supervises all aspects of marketing, customer service, store communications and vendor relationships.

Latest: New Year's resolution: Start the year with a great plan for your business
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Doug Stephens

Doug Stephens Retail futurist, Doug Stephens is an in-demand speaker for private and public sector audiences across North America on the mega-trends shaping a new era of retailing and consumerism. His thinking has influenced many of North America's best-known brands. Doug is ...

Latest: Retail tech trends to watch for in 2014
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Adam Aronson

Adam Aronson Adam Aronson is the CEO of lilitab, an interactive kiosk company focused on the use of tablet computers in public environments. Adam has spent almost 20 years crafting unique and compelling kiosk experiences for Fortune 500 companies, museums and start-ups. ...

Latest: Add an iPad kiosk to your tradeshow exhibit in 5 steps
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Marek Narkiewicz

Marek Narkiewicz Marek is the CEO of GWD Media Ltd. He takes pride in the achievements of his team of dedicated staff, who have delivered self-service solutions to a variety of industry-leading companies. He brings a wealth of technical experience to the ...

Latest: Three technologies set to change self-service in 2015
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Dean Sanders

Dean Sanders Dean Sanders joined Zebra in 2006 as the Director of Industry Sales. Dean leads Zebra’s industry sales teams, which are responsible for business development for the Healthcare, Self-Service, Mobile Workforce and PAX (Print & Apply Labeling) markets.

Latest: Grocery kiosks boost sales, operational efficiency

Tom Harper

Tom Harper Tom Harper is president of Networld Media Group, a publisher of online trade journals and events for the banking, retail, restaurant and church leadership markets. He is the author of Leading from the Lions' Den: Leadership Principles from Every Book ...

Latest: An ATM and kiosk industry response to President Obama
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Stephen Enfield

Stephen Enfield Prior to founding POS Supply Solutions in 1999, Stephen Enfield was director of Sales at MICROS. His 10 years at MICROS coupled with his experience at POS Supply Solutions gives Stephen more than two decades of experience in the Point ...

Latest: Choosing the right paper for your kiosk: Environmental resistance
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Michael Rigato

Michael Rigato Michael Rigato has been involved in self service solutions for over 10 years, beginning with digital photo kiosks to now DVD kiosks. Michael manages all design aspects of Signifi Solutions modular DVD kiosk and always strives to be ahead of ...

Latest: The Bluetooth ad: Press 'accept'

Sheridan Orr

Sheridan Orr Sheridan Orr is the Managing Partner of the Interrobang! Agency, a consulting firm specializing in brand experiences. She has a decade of experience in consumer behaviors, brands, technology and design. Her passion is in crafting engaging and connected customer experiences.

Latest: 5 stakeholders essential to kiosk success
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Richard McMurdo

Richard McMurdo Richard is a principal consultant at Glory Global Solutions, the experts in cash-handling technology. Richard has more than 20 years' experience in bank automation and technology, currency management and payment systems.

Latest: Why is cash recycling an issue that's not all for one, but one for all?
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Behshad Hastibakhsh

Behshad Hastibakhsh Behshad Hastibakhsh is the Director of Public Relations at TIO Networks with over a decade long experience in the multi-channel bill payment industry.

Latest: Next generation of self-service financial services to debut at ATMIA
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Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler, known as The KioskGuy, is a long time kiosk industry executive who assists companies with kiosk solutions.

Latest: Human image sensing technology makes big strides; Omron steps forward
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Annette Nolan

Annette Nolan Annette Nolan is the founder and CEO of Carts Blanche, LLC and the designer of “VendaCarts” a mobile automated retail kiosk. Annette has established herself as the innovator of a new generation of mobile automated kiosks. Over the past fifteen ...

Latest: Mobile automated stores?
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Digital Signage Today

Digital Signage Today

Latest: Digital signage boosts fast casual customer experience
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Shaun Hunte

Shaun Hunte Shaun Hunte is the VP of Marketing and Strategic Sales at Signifi Solutions Inc. He manages the overall marketing strategy for Signifi and the portfolio of products, building marketing and branding strategy from the ground up for all new product ...

Latest: Generate more revenue with digital ads on your DVD kiosk

Laura Miller

Laura Miller Laura Miller is an Internet marketing professional with 15 years of marketing experience and a background in qualitative research and marketing strategy. Her current position is as the director of marketing for KioWare Kiosk Software.

Latest: City kiosk security failures have an easy solution
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Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a Technology Editor for DigitalSignageToday.com. His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing.

Latest: Are kiosks the future of digital signage?
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Cherryh Cansler

Cherryh Cansler

Before joining Networld Media Group as director of Editorial, where she oversees Networld Media Group's nine B2B publications, Cherryh Cansler served as Content Specialist at Barkley ad agency in Kansas City. Throughout her 17-year career as a journalist, she's written ...

Latest: FastCasual's parent company launching FoodTruckOperator.com
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Sam Pryor

Sam Pryor Sam has been active within the kiosk industry for over eight years, starting with managing the technical service side then progressing into sales. As a Technical Sales account manager at Protouch, Pryor has been involved in the sale of self-service ...

Latest: How kiosks connect consumers with products
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Michael Ionescu

Michael Ionescu Since 2004, Ionescu has built a proprietary software/hardware package for state tourism and hotels. Ionescu believes successful kiosk networks are built upon ongoing collaboration between the client and provider to develop flexible systems that clients and users are happy with ...

Latest: Expectations for interactive kiosks in 2014
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Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall

Christopher is the managing director of the Interactive Customer Experience Association and former editor of DigitalSignageToday.com. A longtime freelance writer and reporter, he's bringing a fresh perspective and critical take on the industry.

Latest: 'Interesting times' highlight ICX Summit 2017
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David Mccracken

David Mccracken I'm a technologist at heart and I'm always looking for ways to help businesses use technology to improve their processes, customer engagement, and ultimately the bottom line. CEO of Livewire Digital - Connecting the world through technology to solve business ...

Latest: What is a kiosk anyway?
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Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder, CEO and founder of Meridian Kiosks, brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial successes to the senior management team. Meridian has been recognized as a leader in the self-service kiosk industry and an innovator with the development of ...

Latest: Does your business need a self-service solution?

Betsy Craig

Betsy Craig Betsy Craig brings 20 years of food service industry experience to MenuTrinfo, LLC a menu nutritional labeling Company. Her commitment to the betterment of the food industry and her desire to affect the dining public are the driving forces behind ...

Latest: How digital technologies are curing menu-labeling headaches
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Steve Latham

Steve Latham Steve Latham is CEO of Banyan Hills Technologies. Latham founded the company in 2013 to impact the world through technology and a deep commitment to social responsibility. He has over 15-years of experience leveraging cloud-based technologies to optimize and accelerate ...

Latest: The Beautiful and the Beastly Side of The Internet of Things
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Adam Ortlieb

Adam Ortlieb Adam Ortlieb oversees marketing in the Americas for Seiko Instruments thermal printers. His breadth of experience includes multi-nationals and start-ups, and he is widely published in self-service and information technology. Adam received an MBA from the University of San Diego ...

Latest: How receipts can enhance the user experience

Kisha Wilson

Kisha Wilson Kisha Wilson is the Marketing Manager at SlabbKiosks, Inc. with a passion for writing. I have been in the field of Marketing and Communications for the past 8 yrs.

Latest: EMV’s impact on kiosk owners, part 2; merchant operators have time to comply
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Kiosk Marketplace

Kiosk Marketplace

Latest: Kiosk printers 101: How to ensure reliablility
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