Adam Aronson

Adam Aronson is the CEO of lilitab, an interactive kiosk company focused on the use of tablet computers in public environments. Adam has spent almost 20 years crafting unique and compelling kiosk experiences for Fortune 500 companies, museums and start-ups. ...

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Adam Ortlieb

Adam Ortlieb oversees marketing in the Americas for Seiko Instruments thermal printers. His breadth of experience includes multi-nationals and start-ups, and he is widely published in self-service and information technology. Adam received an MBA from the University of San Diego ...

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Andrew Savala

Andrew Savala is the CEO of RedSwimmer Inc. the creators of the kiosk lockdown software KioskSimple. Andrew has been developing kiosk software for Windows platforms since 2007 with an emphasis on .NET WPF kiosk application design.

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Annette Nolan

Annette Nolan is the founder and CEO of Carts Blanche, LLC and the designer of “VendaCarts” a mobile automated retail kiosk. Annette has established herself as the innovator of a new generation of mobile automated kiosks. Over the past fifteen ...

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Behshad Hastibakhsh

Behshad Hastibakhsh is the Director of Public Relations at TIO Networks with over a decade long experience in the multi-channel bill payment industry.

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Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler, known as The KioskGuy, is a long time kiosk industry executive who assists companies with kiosk solutions.

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Betsy Craig

Betsy Craig brings 20 years of food service industry experience to MenuTrinfo, LLC a menu nutritional labeling Company. Her commitment to the betterment of the food industry and her desire to affect the dining public are the driving forces behind ...

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Bill Lynch

As Vice President of Business Development at Reevex, Bill is responsible for their sales and marketing strategy. Reevex is a software development company and a leader in the design of self-service kiosk and mobile applications. Prior to Reevex, Bill held ...

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Brad Hintze

Brad is VP of marketing at MokiMobility, a platform for remotely managing and monitoring of iPad and Android tablet kiosks.

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Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a Technology Editor for His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing.

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