Why using your browser in kiosk mode isn't enough.

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Dec. 15, 2010

Case Study

Most major browsers offer a free and easy to use kiosk mode version which displays the application full screen. However, there can be unexpected costs such as kiosk downtime, loss of data, a change in kiosk settings and a loss in ROI. When deploying a browser-based kiosk, no matter what the kiosk’s intended purpose, you should be aware of the detriments of running your browser in kiosk mode instead of using kiosk-specific system software.

A number of different key combinations, such as shift +N or holding the shift key down for an extended period of time, can open a new browser window. Once a new window is opened, users can bring up any number of inappropriate websites, or even a competitor’s site. Whatever is opened renders your kiosk useless for the intended purpose, leaking money from your investment. Kiosk software, such as KioWare, offers configurable keyboard filtering, allowing you to select which keys you can block from users.

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