Remote kiosk monitoring offers control, security

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Sept. 10, 2009

Case Study

In 2005, Tampa International Airport decided it needed to make a few changes. The airport terminal, one of the busiest in the country, caters to tourists and business travelers year-round. Providing information to Florida visitors about goings-on in and around the Tampa Bay area was something the airport deemed important. It also wanted to give travelers and the numerous meeters and greeters a way to get information about things to do in the airport.

By using KioWare Full with Server, Tampa International Airport was able to provide travelers with access to its dynamic Web site at kiosks scattered throughout the airport. The package includes a lockdown feature that protects not only the browser, but also the operating system and desktop, so users access only what the airport permits. With KioWare Full, the airport also is able to remotely monitor and push content out to its network of 28 terminals.

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