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Pfaltzgraff Company retail kiosk

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Case Study

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Jan. 1, 2011

Pfaltzgraff is America’s leading manufacturer and marketer of casual dinnerware and accessories for the home. As the oldest pottery maker in the United States, The Pfaltzgraff Co. grew from a modest-size shop that once produced salt-glazed stoneware in the early 1800’s to a large manufacturer that offers a full range of products and styles today.

Pfaltzgraff’s product offerings include a large number of patterns, each with a varying number of pieces. The company wanted a kiosk to provide a tool to store staff that would allow them to easily help customers browse through the myriads of patterns and stylebooks to match their particular piece. Often a sales clerk would need to call a toll-free number and act as an intermediary between the customer and operator at the call center.

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