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Keep Kiosks Safe, Online with Remote Monitoring

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White Paper

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Nov. 12, 2012

If a customer passes by a kiosk and it is offline, they might return to use it again. If they come back a second time and the kiosk is still offline, they’ll probably never come back. It’s critical, then, for a deployer to monitor what is occurring with a kiosk even if they aren’t at the physical location. This white paper, sponsored by Meridian, an Aberdeen, N.C.-based manufacturer of kiosks and self-service devices will discuss how a remote monitoring solution can provide ease of mind by:

  • Offering the ability to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Providing reporting capabilities on the health of the kiosk and up-to-the-minute statistics
  • Avoiding the customer dissatisfaction and loss of revenue caused by an out-of-service machine


Meridian is an award-winning kiosk manufacturer and software developer supporting the self-service industry. From concept to completion, Meridian specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, integration, staging, deployment and support of self-service kiosks. Meridian designs turnkey solutions and specialized custom solutions for clients globally. With large-scale deployments across many industries, Meridian continues to deliver with focus on design, quality and customer brands.

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