How Managed Wireless Service Can Impact Your Business

The Internet is no longer simply a network of personal computers and servers. It has expanded to mobile phones, tablets, and devices we use every day. An additional influx of connected devices—from digital signs and ATMs to home appliances—is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Budgeting for your interactive project

Are you thinking of initiating a kiosk or interactive merchandising program? In order to achieve appropriate budget parameters, you must set clearly defined goals. The purpose of this paper is to give all parties a framework to think about the important first steps.

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Kiosks in Retail 101

Self-service kiosks increasingly are becoming a fixture of the retail landscape. As they become more popular, the devices are changing the way retailers serve their customers.

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CTIA: MasterCard puts digital wallet in shoppers' virtual pocket

Payment company releases new product to make on-and-offline shopping easier.

Visa, Discover and major banks begin testing mobile phone payments

A who's who of bankers, payment networks and telecom carriers have joined in seperate projects to pilot mobile payments in New York and Atlanta.

Next-gen charging kiosks provide more than just a quick jolt

Multimedia capability expands potential deployment possibilities.

Focus on Escalate Retail's new Pocket Kiosk

Escalate Retail is offering a novel approach to all-channel commerce, using shoppers' own smartphones as a "Pocket Kiosk."

Apple's kiosk patent: Are wireless iTunes downloads on the horizon?

Apple's recently granted patent for what appears to be an iTunes kiosk has the potential to turn the digital-download space on its head — or will it simply be another player in the game?

Special summit will again offer secure, open forum for deployers

Away from suppliers and media, users can share questions, concerns for their self-service projects.

Mobile boarding passes herald cell-phone self-service for travel

As more airports use paperless ticketing and mobile check-in, the technology spreads to other travel-related industries.  

Wardrivers and your kiosk

Are self-service deployments next?

Near-future boom for near-field?

NFC-enabled cell phones might make m-payments, m-banking common.

European market growing

Summit Research's report takes a look at trends in the kiosk industry.

More from the floor of Self Service Expo

A look at other new tech and tools from KioskCom.

KioskCom Las Vegas wraps

EyeSite kiosk sticks out among the record number of exhibitors.

Kiosks take over c-stores

Popular self-service devices to move in on convenience stores.

MIT demonstrates 'wireless electricity'

Magnetically coupled resonance could someday mean the end of wiring.

Exhibitors take Self Service Expo to new level

Las Vegas show draws the right kind of traffic for exhibitors and attendees.

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