Clean Image Car Wash: Driving Innovation with Clean Cars

Clean Image Car Wash Installs Peerless-AV Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Board

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Peerless-AV

University Improves Self-Service, Communication with Digital Signage

PROVISIO helps University of Texas combine the best of kiosks and DOOH, to enhance both.

Type: Case Study


Wayfinding Moves Outdoors

Long used in indoor wayfinding applications, digital signage increasingly is being used for outdoor applications.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Peerless-AV

Livewire Case Study - Washington Mall

Washington Mall is Bermuda’s premier office and retail complex with more than eight restaurants and 41 shops. It is home to 23 corporate entities. Located in Hamilton Bermuda, this expansive and growing site is owned by Washington Properties (Bermuda) Limited.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Livewire Digital

Kiosks enroll on more campuses

In an effort to help students get information quickly and easily, many college campuses are expanding their use of kiosks. From wayfinding to paying for tuition, students are finding self-service kiosks more prevalent.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: KioWare

Enhancing Travel at London Luton Airport

Luton Airport's marketing people were looking to improve on the interactive kiosks in the departure terminal by installing some large format Protouch kiosks 'air-side'.

Type: Case Study

Four Benefits for Retailers and Customers from Self-Service Kiosks

Deployment of the technology yields benefits on both sides of the counter.

Type: White Paper

On-Demand (SaaS) or On-Premise Digital Signage Software – Which Should You Choose?

There are hundreds of digital signage software solutions available today. People trying to decide on the best one for their network, both now and as it expands, are faced with many difficult decisions. If you listen to the companies selling...

Type: White Paper

Center Parcs Increase Booking with Acquire

Having recently created an online booking system for events and activities, Center Parcs were looking for a partner to provide villages with kiosks so that customers could book activities or change existing ones onsite. Acquire was there to help.

Type: Case Study

Mobile Tablets, Handhelds Mobilize Workforce to Increase Productivity, Improve Service

In today's fast-paced world, it's important for restaurant staff to have flexibility — and a reliable platform — in customer service. Mobile point-of-service units allow for on-the-go transactions at tableside, or curbside order taking in high-volume times.

Type: Special Report

All About GenKiosk

Genkiosk is mature software - the most powerful management system for interactive kiosks. First designed and implemented over a decade ago, it is still owned, managed and operated by the original developers GWD Media.

Type: Brochure

Association of Zoos and Aquariums - Zoo Tube

One of the most exciting initiatives that Imperial Multimedia has underway is a project to design and build interactive kiosks that will be used throughout the country in all major zoos and aquariums. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)...

Type: Brochure

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