Kiosks trade keys for likes

Tampa, Florida, residents will able to get a free key over the holidays from MinuteKEY kiosks in exchange for liking the company on Facebook.


McDonald's beats the heat with heat-sensitive McFlurry vending kiosk

When temperatures soared to record highs in Amsterdam, residents were rewarded with free McFlurries from a vending kiosk.

The KMC Top 6: July's top kiosk stories

With the summer entering its final month, it's time to take a look back at the top six most-read articles on KioskMarketPlace for July.

7-Eleven Hong Kong rolls out Avengers: Age of Ultron QR code kiosk

Ultron spawned many clones of himself during the Age of Ultron movie, and the movie in turn is spawning vast numbers of promotions and tie-ins.

Coffee for Marines: AVT lands USMC deal

AVT lands deal with the Marines, helping it return to financial stability in the wake of Chapter 11.

Now kiosks are delivering freshly baked pizzas

Pizza is the go-to meal for almost every occasion. Normally there are only a few options to purchase pizza such as frozen, carryout or delivery. However, kiosk manufacturer A1 concepts has crafted a new pizza kiosk which will allow consumers to purchase a fresh pizza on the spot.

Smile-activated kiosk dispenses a little warmth on Blue Monday

European HVAC giant Vaillant's U.K. arm earlier this year brightened up Blue Monday with a smile-activated coffee kiosk in London's Victoria Station.

Legal marijuana and virtual currency: natural allies in search of growth?

One virtual currency ATM operator, Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Bitcoin Brands Inc., has found medical marijuana dispensaries among the most receptive retail customers. Company owner Peter Klamka sees the bitcoin ATM as a natural fit for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Apple Pay and interactive kiosks

The next wave of major innovation to self-service kiosk solutions is the integration of mobile payment solutions, such as Apple Pay.

Automated retail separates Legos, luxury goods from competitors

Signifi Solutions is an automated retail provider that sells a variety of items from games to luxury goods inside its vending kiosks. The company recently showcased its Lego kiosk at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City.

Five pitfalls to avoid when dispensing cash

Dispensing bills greatly increases the complexity of the device and the logic required by your kiosk application in order to gracefully complete a cash transaction.

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Redbox offers free movies for 'America's Movie Night'

On Nov. 16, Redbox will present America's Movie Night, an event that offers kiosk users a free movie.

Japanese vending kiosk dispenses beer and takes selfies

Japanese beverage company Kirin has deployed a new vending kiosk, which enables users to take a selfie after they have ordered their beer.

Iowa Lottery attempts to change law to allow lottery vending kiosks

The Iowa Lottery is attempting to deploy vending kiosks to sell scratch tickets and pull tabs. However, the lottery will need to change the law to add an exception for self-service kiosks since 'monitor vending machines,' have been banned since 2006.

Vending-kiosk industry to grow over 14 percent, according to report

The vending-kiosk industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.4 percent over the period 2014-2019 according to a new report entitled "Global Vending Machines Market 2015-2019."

Military considers adding healthier food at vending kiosks, restaurants

Military officials are currently considering adding healthier foods to vending kiosks and fast food restaurants on military bases. However due to a contract, it will likely be a long process.

Kiosk manufacturer predicts vending market future

The future of the vending kiosk market lies with emerging technology and meeting the customer's needs for convenience and entertainment, according to kiosk manufacturer AVT.

Reverse recycling vending kiosks reward students

Now, college students will be able to earn rewards by recycling via Tomra Systems ASA's reverse vending kiosk. They can utilize the points for groceries, reusable bags or other prizes.

Startup delivers kitchen pantry in kiosk form

Kiosk startup Pantry is delivering the kitchen pantry experience through a vending kiosk. It is designed specifically with businesses and micro-markets in mind.

Phone-charging kiosks move into UCLA dorms

ULCA students will soon be able to purchase mobile phone chargers from FuelRods kiosks.

Kiosk manufacturer releases FDA compliance kit for traditional vending kiosks

With new FDA regulations on the rise, many traditional vending machines will need an upgrade. Kiosk manufacturer AVT Inc. is attempting to answer this need with its new retrofit kit with a new touchscreen panel.

Boise City Council considers limiting unhealthy food in vending kiosks

The Boise City Council is considering reducing the amount of unhealthy foods in vending kiosks by requiring owners to provide healthy snacks as 10 percent of kiosk items.

Kiosk manufacturer launches Rainbow Doritos kiosk for Dallas Pride

A kiosk manufacturer participated in the Dallas Pride by deploying a kiosk that dispensed Rainbow Doritos in exchange for a $10 donation to the "It Gets Better" Project.

Kiosk manufacturer to engineer 'Make Me a Millionaire Inventor' Sno-Cone kiosk

A contestant on the CNBC show "Make Me a Millionaire Inventor" recently unveiled an automated Sno-Cone kiosk. Now, kiosk manufacturer AVT Inc, which appeared on the show, plans to engineer the kiosk.

Pharmacy kiosks attempt to enroll into colleges

Self-service pharmacy kiosk group Pharmabox is attempting to expand to college campuses by offering kiosk deployments for free.

Startup develops french fry vending kiosk

Wageningen University students will now be able to get their french fries from a vending kiosk.

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From chewing gum to iPods, vending kiosks offer customers convenient access to a wide array of merchandise wherever they are and can open up a whole new sales channel for many consumer brands.