How kiosks are transforming the airport travel experience


From entry to departure to arrival, kiosks could soon make it possible to venture through an airport without a single human interaction.


3 ways kiosks are changing transportation

Kiosks are providing massive opportunities for mass access to transit.

UK shoppers using less cash, British Retail Consortium says

Self-checkout and new ways to pay are leading to a decrease in the use of cash in the U.K., according to a BRC study.

The self-service kiosk industry grows up

The kiosk industry has matured and increasingly is focusing on specific niches rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, industry insiders say.

Is mobility a threat or an opportunity for self-service kiosks?

Mobile may threaten some kiosk functions, but could also offer new pathways to profit.

Money-transfer kiosks could send billions around the world

Kiosk Marketplace surveys the money-transfer and remittance industry's self-service and kiosk landscape.

Reinventing the vending machine

Between the "back-to-basics" of fresh food, and the "back-to-the-future" of new tech, vending kiosks have bright outlook.

Open letter to retailers: Go digital, the online arm of the National Retail Federation, has shared recommendations with their audience in an "Open Letter to Retail CEOs." Their recommendations are on the subject of talent mix. recommends that retailers hire/promote based on digital competencies and experience.

Super Bowl winner teams up with Healthy Vending kiosks

Seattle Seahawks fullback becomes healthy vending kiosk franchisee to support his healthy living foundation.

PCI compliance essential for kiosk operators

Kiosks have to comply with PCI DSS to protect cardholder information from hackers; non-compliance could be costly.

Nikki Baird to give keynote on privacy at CONNECT summit

Top retail analyst Nikki Baird will explore rapidly advancing technology and consumer tolerance for being tracked.

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Healthy vending: One of the fastest growing industries in the nation

The Automatic Merchandising State of the Industry report said there is a growing demand from consumers and operators for healthy vending products, according to a press release. "Vendors reported that healthy food attributed as much as a 25-percent upswing in...

New tastes, technology spawn new world of self-service

"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams" aren't out of reach in the new dawn of kiosks. The latest advances in self-service food reveal a line of extravagant items that are replacing the images of junk food we once associated with vending...

Pennsylvanian launches healthy vending kiosk business

Becky Fullmer, a resident of Annville, Pennsylvania, has started a healthy vending machine business, reports the Lebanon Daily News. She currently has five machines installed at various locations, and the machnes accept debit cards and include modems so she can...

Digital Screenmedia Association teams with Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance

The U.S.-based Digital Screenmedia Association and the Taiwan-based Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance today announced a partnership with the goal of "bringing education, networking and advocacy to global interests." In an official ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan, during the recent Digital Signage...

SAP showcasing NFC smart vending machines in South Africa

Smart vending machine software is being showcased by SAP Africa at this year’s SAPHILA conference, to be held at Sun City, South Africa, June 9-11. SAPHILA is a biennial conference for users of German software company SAP’s technology. SAP’s smart...

Marijuana vending kiosks ink deal for digital signage ad platform

Tranzbyte Corp. has opted for SmarterSign digital signage software to deliver digital out-of-home ads to the top digital signage display screen of its ZaZZZ marijuana-dispensary kiosks, Transbyte announced earlier this month. The platform offers a scalable solution combined with ease...

Redbox to remove 500 DVD kiosks

Redbox is to remove over 500 DVD rental kiosks in the U.S. during 2014, The Wall Street Journal reports. According to The Journal, Redbox, which is owned by Outerwall, installed more than 40,000 DVD rental kiosks in grocery stores, 7-Elevens and Walmarts in the last seven years.

European vending machine installed base down 1% in 2012

The European Vending Association has published a report on the state of the European vending machine market in 2012. The report said that the total number of vending machines in Europe fell by 1 percent year-on-year to 3.77 million in...

Fresh Healthy Vending launches healthy micro market

Fresh Healthy Vending International has launched the Fresh Micro Market, an unstaffed, automated self-checkout retail market which is stocked regularly with healthy snacks and complete meal options that can be customized to support company wellness programs and meet employee preferences....

Medbox receives patent approval for medical cannabis tracking system

Medbox, a provider of kiosk dispensing and ancillary services to the alternative medicine industry, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance on its patent for a marijuana medication and patient tracking system. The...

Washington State considers allowing marijuana vending machines

The recent unveiling of the ZaZZZ pot vending machine in Colorado has the State of Washington thinking about permitting the use of marijuana kiosks, reports the Seattle Times. ZaZZZ is an automated marijuana dispensary kiosk from American Green, a division...

ID-verifying marijuana-vending kiosk launched in Colorado

What is believed to be the first age- and identity-verifying legal marijuana-vending machine in the U.S. has been launched in Colorado.

CloudTalk provider iTalk signs distribution deal with Cyber Kiosk Solutions

Advanced communications and mobile broadband services provider iTalk has signed a distribution agreement for its cloud connectivity solution CloudTalk with Cyber Kiosk Solutions. Coral Springs, Florida-based Cyber Kiosk focuses on providing mobile apps, software integration and ID verification for the...

Airlines increasing self-service in Australia

Australian travelers should get used to seeing fewer airline staff in traditional service roles, Virgin Australia Chief Customer Officer Mark Hassell told Perth Now. Airlines are moving toward a more flexible model that uses increased automation of the check-in process...

US market for intelligent vending machines set to grow

The availability of secure and user-friendly cashless payment options in retail stores has made the U.S. the leading country in the global market for intelligent vending machines, according to TechNavio, a London-based research company. Retail stores are the key segment in the U.S.

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