Soiled Dove Case Study | Livewire Digital Case Study

Located in the world famous Lower-Downtown Denver area, affectionately known as LoDo. The Soiled Dove offers a selection of entertainment, ranging from premier local talent to national recording artists in all styles of music. Read about their ticket sales solution.


Reinventing the vending machine

Between the "back-to-basics" of fresh food, and the "back-to-the-future" of new tech, vending kiosks have bright outlook.

Kiosks attempt to usher in 'future of auto insurance'

Direct Auto Insurance hopes to reform the insurance buying process by placing its kiosks within retail stores.

Bitcoin kiosks get thumbs up in Canada

RoboCoin's latest deployment news could be a boost in legitimacy for the virtual currency. 

Blazing Onion blazing self-service trail

Restaurant owner discusses his recent kiosk deployment.

Robotic ice cream kiosk

Robofusion has created a self-service kiosk that allows customers to use a robot to create desserts.

Bicycles, strollers, now Rug Doctors? Kiosk rentals going far beyond DVDs

Rug Doctor has piloted self-service carpet cleaner-rental kiosks. What's next?

McDonald's Europe expects kiosks to increase jobs

More than 800 kiosks are taking orders -- not jobs -- at McDonald's restaurants throughout Europe.

Restaurant owner talks self-service

David Jones, owner of the Blazing Onion Burger Company, is testing self-service options in his newest location.

Criminals need technology, too

Louisiana prisons to offer kiosk technology to inmates

Six best practices for kiosk design and deployment

Kiosks have been proven to be highly effective for improving customer satisfaction, creating competitive differentiation and reducing operating costs, but these benefits can't be taken for granted. The kiosk plop-and-drop, a poorly thought-out kiosk implementation, does not in any way guarantee success.

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Self-service VAT refund kiosks piloted in Seoul, MIlan

Global Blue, an expert in value-added tax refunds for travellers, has launched pilot projects with self-service kiosks in several luxury department stores worldwide, according to an announcement from kiosk provider Kiosk Solutions.

Market outlook: Kiosk transactions to surpass $1 trillion

Global information technology resource WhaTech has released a market outlook report on North American self-service kiosks.

Colorado electric company installs 24-hour bill-pay kiosk

The Durango, Colorado, La Plata Electric Association has installed a 24-hour drive-thru kiosk at its 45 Stewart St. Bodo Industrial Park location.

Houston courts 'decentralize' services via kiosks

Houston Municipal Courts Department has expanded its traffic ticket payment kiosk service to area police stations, according to The Kingwood Observer. Tickets can be paid 24 hours a day, and cashless options are available. A $2 fee is assessed at...

M:tel installs self-service top-up kiosks in Bosnia

M:tel, Bosnia’s second largest telecom company, has set up its first self-service top-up kiosks at the Boska and Mercator department store in Banja Luka. To top up their prepaid accounts, users enter their M:tel telephone number via the machine’s touchscreen and press the confirm button.

White Castle’s kiosk pilots are driving higher check averages

Don Long, White Castle’s senior director of Information Services and Technology, provided a glimpse into the brand’s kiosk and mobile initiatives during last month’s National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. The brand’s digital initiatives include online ordering, mobile ordering and...

Brazilian vending kiosks selling World Cup shirts

Football fans in Brazil can now buy World Cup shirts while waiting for the metro after online sports goods retailer Netshoes installed special vending machines in metro stations, according to Reuters. The news agency reports that Netshoes has supplied World...

Redbox to remove 500 DVD kiosks

Redbox is to remove over 500 DVD rental kiosks in the U.S. during 2014, The Wall Street Journal reports. According to The Journal, Redbox, which is owned by Outerwall, installed more than 40,000 DVD rental kiosks in grocery stores, 7-Elevens and Walmarts in the last seven years.

ID-verifying marijuana-vending kiosk launched in Colorado

What is believed to be the first age- and identity-verifying legal marijuana-vending machine in the U.S. has been launched in Colorado.

Cincinnati finally gets on the bus with city's first ticket vending kiosk

Cincinnati's Metro bus service has installed its first ticket vending machine at downtown Government Square, the agency announced recently. "Metro came out of the dark ages of public transport," the Cincinnati Business Courier said of the move. Lack of funding is the reason Metro has taken so long to catch up  with major U.S.

Self-service kiosks eased holiday lines at the post office

Self-service kiosks at an Idaho post office helped ease the busy holiday package shipping season, according to an article on Marnie McNeil, a customer service supervisor at the main Boise post office, said people are becoming more comfortable with...

Tennessee moves toward self-service driver's license renewal

Bedford County, Tennessee, has installed a self-service kiosk for renewing driver's licenses as part of a statewide effort that Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security officials hope will reduce wait times at driver's license testing centers. The user pays...

iLibrary installation booked for Sadieville, Kentucky

Electronic locker and cabinet storage manufacturer Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices LLC announced today that Kentucky's Scott County Public Library will offer extended library access to patrons in Sadieville, Ky., using LEID's iLibrary System. The system is expected to go online...

Baguette-baking kiosk making news in France

A baker in France has rolled out a 24-hour automated baguette dispenser, promising warm bread at any time of the day or night, according to the Associated Press. The baker, Jean-Louis Hecht, calls his bread-baking and –dispensing kiosks "the bakery...

NCR deploys SIM card kiosks to Africa, Middle East

According to, Duluth, Ga.-headquartered NCR Corp. has launched self-service kiosks in the Middle East and Africa that allow consumers to buy mobile phone SIM cards and purchase or recharge prepaid plans. "The solution was designed with the needs of the unbanked community in mind.

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