Livewire Digital | HSBC Bermuda Case Study

H. M. Customs authority was seeking a solution that would not only speed up the procedure of moving returning travelers through the declarations process but also eliminate errors inherent in the current manual method of calculating duty taxes.

Type: Case Study

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Creating an Impact in German Travel

Sonneklar.TB wanted to open a redesigned travel agency in Munich, which would act as a Flagship store for an intended roll-out of 200 franchised stores over three years. After the first 200 stores, an additional 250 would be redesigned.

Type: Case Study


Livewire Digital | City of Kemah Case Study

The Visitor’s Center of Kemah, Texas was looking for a solution to provide information to their visitors using an outdoor interactive kiosk. The center contacted Livewire Digital to provide the solution they were looking for.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Livewire Digital

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Science center kiosks teach users about ocean conservation

The ocean has made life possible on this planet, yet humanity has shown its gratitude by choking it with vast amounts of pollutants. Faced with this reality, the U.S. government has established several National Marine Sanctuaries both for education and conservation.

How kiosks are transforming the airport travel experience

From entry to departure to arrival, kiosks could soon make it possible to venture through an airport without a single human interaction.

Mobile maps offer untapped resources for parks

State and national parks enter the mobile world with a cached map app that functions as a self-service tour guide.

Portugal airports 'liven' up with multitouch solutions

EDIGMA deploys multitouch interactive "Living Spots" in airports.

NCR demos self-service throughout travel process (video)

NCR uses Denmark tradeshow to showcase combined solutions for the retail, food and travel industries.

Award-winning B-cycle bike-share kiosks ready to roll in HI (Video)

The award-winning B-cycle bike-share kiosks are ready to roll in Kailua on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

CETW: Cell-phone charging kiosk

This Frank Mayer & Associates kiosk serves travelers by drawing them to a Hudson International News airport store for free cell-phone charging.

Inside the kiosk: European company cranks out Earth-friendly kiosks

Hand-crank kiosks in England and Ireland provide visitors with event and tourism info. Will they come to America?

Hotels waking up to self-service

As the travel market rebounds and occupancy rates rise, hotel operators are turning to self-service solutions.

Bike-share with kiosks growing across country this summer

Several cities initiated rental bike programs, promoting health, a green alternative and ease of use. 

ParTech remakes, re-brands itself with software, self-serve and proven hardware

The company best known for its durable terminals is in the midst of recreating itself as a creative and aggressive software- and services- house.

Museums and photo kiosks a difficult fit

An application that demands more art than science may work only in special circumstances.

Kiosk and self-service study a goldmine of industry info

Installed kiosks top 1.8 million worldwide as public grows to prefer self-service for multiple uses.

Security kiosks helping U.S. Customs create friendlier skies

The recently-expanded Trusted Traveler program uses kiosks to get participating passengers out of the terminal faster, but it takes time and care to enroll

Kiosk trends may surprise, confound industry, report finds

There are plenty of growth opportunities but some of today's widespread self-service uses may have reached their peak

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