The Comfort Express caters to millennials with check-in kiosk

Hospitality software provider Cenium announced the implementation of its FastTrack self-service kiosk and mobile interactions at two Nordic Choice Hotel locations within The Comfort Express brand.


How kiosks are transforming the airport travel experience

From entry to departure to arrival, kiosks could soon make it possible to venture through an airport without a single human interaction.

Mobile maps offer untapped resources for parks

State and national parks enter the mobile world with a cached map app that functions as a self-service tour guide.

Portugal airports 'liven' up with multitouch solutions

EDIGMA deploys multitouch interactive "Living Spots" in airports.

NCR demos self-service throughout travel process (video)

NCR uses Denmark tradeshow to showcase combined solutions for the retail, food and travel industries.

Award-winning B-cycle bike-share kiosks ready to roll in HI (Video)

The award-winning B-cycle bike-share kiosks are ready to roll in Kailua on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

CETW: Cell-phone charging kiosk

This Frank Mayer & Associates kiosk serves travelers by drawing them to a Hudson International News airport store for free cell-phone charging.

Inside the kiosk: European company cranks out Earth-friendly kiosks

Hand-crank kiosks in England and Ireland provide visitors with event and tourism info. Will they come to America?

Hotels waking up to self-service

As the travel market rebounds and occupancy rates rise, hotel operators are turning to self-service solutions.

Bike-share with kiosks growing across country this summer

Several cities initiated rental bike programs, promoting health, a green alternative and ease of use. 

ParTech remakes, re-brands itself with software, self-serve and proven hardware

The company best known for its durable terminals is in the midst of recreating itself as a creative and aggressive software- and services- house.

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Two Malaysian tourist destinations launch wayfinding, travel kiosks

Two Malaysia-based tourist locations, Langkawi Island and Cameron Highlands, are installing self-service kiosks for tourists to find information on events and international expos, attractions, accommodations and places of interest.

Acuity predicts automated passport kiosks to reach 8,000 by 2018

The "APC Kiosk Deployment List," Acuity's most recent APC deployments publication, supplies details on number of kiosks, locations, installation dates, vendors, costs and more.

Nebraska tourism kiosk promotes local businesses

Kimball, Nebraska has installed the states "first and only interactive travel kiosk."

Interactive kiosk replaces tourism brochures in California

Tourism company Destination Lancaster has swapped out old-fashioned brochures in its visitor center for a digital information system by Livewire Digital.

Dallas airport shortens customs wait by 40%

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport announced the release of its customs clearance program that will include self-service kiosks.

Marriott collaborates with college student, Farmer's Fridge for healthy-vending kiosk

Marriott Hotels' Marriott Travel Brilliantly project will develop Anjana Kallarackal's healthy vending machine idea for its traveler-inspired innovations program.

Delta taking the lead in passport kiosk deployment

Delta Airlines' Los Angeles airport hub has installed 10 passport kiosks at Terminal 5.

Livewire's ticket kiosk is one-stop shop for tourists

Livewire Digital partnered with Florida-based Ticket Box to develop a solution for tourists to purchase tickets to Orlando-area attractions.

Virginia city soliciting donations for kiosk

Virginia's Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc. is attempting to raise $5,000 for a kiosk that will advertise businesses, events, major attractions and wayfinding to shops and restaurants for visitors in the city of Waynesboro.

Automated passport kiosks take off

The Automated Passport Control Kiosk has been added to several airports around the country, among the latest, Detroit Metropolitan International Airport, which just installed 30 new APCs.

Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant features self-service tourism

Lewisburg, Pa.-based Aim Digital Visions has installed an interactive tourism and wayfinding kiosk in Lancaster, Pa.'s Shady Maple Smorgasbord, according to a company press release.  The kiosk features a 48-inch touchscreen, digital Visitor Guide and a menu where tourists can view maps, directions and photos and descriptions to area attractions.

Malaysia Airlines closes economy check-in in favor of self check-in

Today Malaysia Airlines will close its staff check-in counters and move to required self-service kiosks for all passengers flying out of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, according to Australian Business Traveller. The new self-service kiosks will also include baggage handling and mobile apps for online check-in.

Livewire kiosk network marks processing milestone

Livewire Digital announced a milestone for its network of self-service ticketing kiosks. According to a company press release, Livewire kiosks have processed more than $100 million worth of ski-lift ticket sales through its eConcierge system. The kiosk network sells tickets...

Texas town turns to kiosks for tourist engagement

The seaside resort town of Kemah, Texas, has deployed an interactive kiosk helmed by Livewire Digital as a way to invite tourists to discover the boardwalk and nearby attractions. Housing for the kiosk was provided by EuroTouch Kiosks, according to...

Illinois' Ohio River Scenic Byway gets 7-county kiosk installation

Seven Southern Illinois counties that border the Ohio River have received interactive kiosks that promote the area's history, natural resources and assets along the river, reported. Kiosk locations include restaurants, libraries and visitor's centers. The 18-by-9-inch kiosks will also...

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