Segmented Touch Digital Technology Aims for Niche

Smaller, divided touchsreens are putting high-tech - and typically high priced - displays within the financial reach of many businesses and companies strapped for cash.

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Five Ways to Maximize the Lifespan of Kiosk Hardware

The return on investment for a kiosk deployment depends in large part on the lifespan of the hardware. learn how to maximize the life of a hardware, saving money and improving uptime.

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The Importance of High-Quality Components in a Customized Kiosk

Creating customized kiosks can help a deployer meet the needs of its customers, but choosing the right software and hardware is crucial for success. A turnkey kiosk supplier can help a company build a kiosk tailored to its specifications quickly and easily.

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Digital Signage and Merchandising

Today’s shopper expects a state-of-the art shopping experience. If you’re a retailer trying to stand out amongst your competition or a brand promoting your product amidst hundreds of other options, engaging customers with digital signage and merchandising is critical to winning the in-store experience.

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Olea Tucson Kiosk

The Olea Tucson is a patented interactive Kiosk that provides an eye catching and engaging self-service experience with a 19” (up to 22”) all-in-one LCD touch screen computer.

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A look at the PCI guidelines for mobile POS

The PCI Security Standards Council just released new guidelines for developers, merchants and payment solutions providers using o-the-shelf mobile devices for point-of-sale.

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Turn Touch Screens into Kiosk Sales

This integrator expects more than 100% revenue growth in 2009 from the creation and sale of custom kiosk solutions.

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