Deployment Logix deploys new solution for kiosk, digital signage, retail industries

Deployment Logix announced the launch of its Precision Deployment Solutions service now available nationwide.


Busted: 5 myths about kiosks

Do kiosks kill jobs? Frank Olea puts to rest some common myths about self-service machines.

Outerwall moves ecoATM focus from malls to grocery stores

Outerwall posts a quaterly profit on core-business gains, with an expanded focus on ecoATM locations.

The 'Out of Order' dilemma

"Out of Order" - is that a self-service solution company? With the number of kiosks wearing that tag, you might come to think so. These three words translate to "No Thank You" for end-user engagement and businesses considering purchasing these units.

Economy of action: The No. 1 consideration before a self-service deployment

My last blog detailed a poorly developed kiosk solution that was in an Ann Taylor retail store, and it got me thinking about some of the main considerations organizations should think through before implementing interactive projects. Too often, self-service solutions...

5 reasons digital kiosks benefit the consumer and the owner

In an era when consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, businesses today are turning to digital kiosks as a more effective way to deliver service. Digital kiosks not only are beneficial for improving the user experience of customers, but also owners stand to benefit from them in a number of ways.

Kodak Q&A: 'We're a memory company'

A Kodak exec explains how their photo kiosks will go beyond images to become multipurpose content and media stations.

Four essential pre-deployment considerations

Deployment is the bridge between the final development phase and the remote monitoring and management phase of a digital merchandising project. It's the phase of the project that can foster excitement and deliver frustration.

Three things to know about tablet charging and synching stations

For a successful tablet display, plans should be made for aspects the customer doesn't see, too.

Getting the dirt 'off' kiosks

Kiosk deployers can take a few steps to protect users from germs.

Why Penn's wine kiosk failed: Part 1

After reading fellow blogger Michael Ionescu's post "Bad execution: Why good kiosk ideas fail", I did some research to learn more about what was behind the failure of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's Wine Kiosk project. I found that the...

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Self-Service coin counter expands collection capacity

Cummins Allison, a currency, check processing and ATM technology provider, announced the addition of a dual-bin coin collection unit to its Money Machine 2 coin counter product line. The dual-bin holds 140,000 coins and is the largest unit of the four options for coin collection in Money Machine 2 kiosks.

ID TECH upgrades key pad and card reader to protect customers

Using unique tracking numbers, ID TECH has developed a new product that prevents card data compromise even in situations where the card is not present, according to a company announcement. ID TECH's latest product, the PCI 3.x SRED-certified key pad...

Bangalink launches Bangladesh self-service top-up kiosks

Dhaka, Bangladesh-based Bangalink Digital Communications has launched self-service top-up kiosks where customers can top up their mobile phone accounts. Banglalink, the second largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh, is owned by Global Telecom Holding. Bangalink says that kiosks accepting cash...

U.K. grocer Morrisons rejects £2 coins and foreign lookalikes at self-checkout

Foreign coins deposited at self-checkout kiosks have led U.K.

Interactive Teller part of the ATM picture at Cadence Bank

Cadence Bank, a regional FI serving the Southeast and Texas, is set to become the first bank in Birmingham, Ala., to use interactive video technology. This fall, the bank will add two NCR Corp. APTRA Interactive Teller units at a...

Star Micronics intros interactive platform and printer

Star Micronics announced yesterday the release of AsuraCPRNT, a solution that the company said is a robust and feature-rich interactive communication platform that combines its expertise in printing with peripheral management. The platform can be used as a stand-alone terminal...

Gidophone kiosk hopes to crack US market after CES debut

The Gidophone charging station made its U.S. debut at last week's Consumer Electronics Show, giving the French company a much desired boost into the American market. The 6-foot-tall inductive charging tower kiosk charges cellphones, tablets, laptop computers, MP3 players, game consoles, PDAs and cameras, an announcement from the company said.

MZero partners with AG for expanded services portfolio

A new self-service partnership was announced today with the pairing of MZero, the software division of Meridian, and Software AG. The two companies said they will work together to transform the accessibility of self-service solutions. The solution portfolio after the...

MokiManage intros cloud-based monitoring and alerts

MokiMobility announced new features to its MokiManage software that enables businesses to configure their tablet digital signage kiosks with tools like Apple Configurator, monitor application performance on a specific device, and manage MokiTouch kiosk settings for the entire deployment in...

NCR will provide periodic checkups for SoloHealth kiosks

The SoloHealth Station, the free health assessments and information kiosk, will now have its own checkups provided by NCR. The NCR services group has signed a three-year agreement with SoloHealth to provide on-site repair services after the units are installed,...

Convenience is key in Walmart's plans to deploy more NCR self-checkouts

The world's largest retailer will ramp up its self-checkout offerings during 2013. According to an announcement from NCR, Walmart will be installing 10,000 SelfServ Checkout lanes to more than 1,200 Walmart locations in the U.S. Walmart currently uses NCR self-checkout...

Walmart confirms self-checkout glitch

Updated: 5 p.m., Aug. 3 Walmart has confirmed that a software glitch caused nearly all of the chain's self-checkout units for the past two weeks to display incorrect or confusing information, according to

Mumbai transportation kiosks collecting dust

Several kiosks in Mumbai's Regionial Transport Offices are doing nothing but gathering dust, according to the The site reported that the non-functioning kiosks were deployed in 2009 to give citizens transport info during off-hours and to print more than...

Southwest check-in kiosks go down

According to an Associated Press report on, Southwest Airlines yesterday suffered an outage of its airport-technology systems that prevented passengers nationwide from printing boarding passes from its self-service check-in kiosks for part of the day. Airline spokeswoman Christi McNeill...

Update: ServiceOntario kiosks out of order due to illegal card readers

All 72 ServiceOntario kiosks are still out of order after card skimming devices were found on four machines in the Greater Toronto Area, according to

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