$15 Minimum Wage increase will impact American service industries

The last several years have seen increased buzz around the increasing shift away from human labor that puts a greater focus on machines -- a process called “automation”.

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Busting Queues at the Bristish Museum

Acquire was commissioned by the British Museum to develop a 'queue busting' application that would allow vistiors to print tickets without waiting in line.

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Navigating the Connected Consumer's In-Store Shopping Cycle

To reach today’s connected consumer, the quickest — and smartest — path to purchase is not a straight line. While the classic path-to-purchase model dealt only with the time when consumers were actually in active shopping mode, thanks to the Internet, smart phones and other technology, it’s tough to find a time when people are NOT shopping.

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How digital technologies are curing menu-labeling headaches

The technology that drives digital signage menu boards and self-ordering kiosks inside restaurant locations today is being used to maintain nutritional information disclosures in real time.

McDonald’s 'aggressive change' includes digitization, millennial outreach

McDonald's is scrambling for solutions after its profit fell by 30 percent in Q3. CEO Don Thompson outlined some strategies the company is working on to remedy this continued slide, many of which will be in effect in some capacity in 2015.

Check out Panera To You

The store layout is dominated by ordering, order pick-up and wait-area seating.

What if? Could McDonald's kiosk cashier win back millennials?

Could the QSR giant win back younger customers by bringing back automated cashiers?

Panera 2.0 picks up self-service speed

The Panera Bread chain is embracing digital, kiosk and mobile ordering to speed in-and-out times, improve service.

Pizza Hut serves up custom pies on interactive tabletops

A touchscreen table lets sit-down diners custom order a pizza, play games while they wait for it and then pay their bill.

Remodeled White Castle restaurant includes self-ordering stations

The unit also includes front-counter seating and a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain dispenser.

EMN8 rebrands to Tillster as company evolves beyond kiosks

Tillster's CEO explains the motive behind the name change, and how kiosks will remain part of the digital platform. 

How tablet technology has transformed dining out

Tablet technology is a growing trend in the food service industry. Here are six ways they've changed the dining experience.

Self-service doesn't mean 'no service'

Follow these tips to keep self-service from turning into customer servitude.

Digital kiosk dishes calorie info to diners

The interactive touchscreen lets users see a running total of their meal's calories.

Self-service report from NRA Show 2013

Self-service ordering and other kiosks were showcased during last week's show.

Commentary: Why tablets deserve a spot on your restaurant's technology menu

Many factors contribute to a restaurant's readiness for tablet technology.

Vending machine micromarket hot trend: QSR branded products? (Commentary)

Micromarkets can provide benefits such as accessibility, flexibility and profitability for brands willing to adopt them.

Where are my onion rings? Drive-thru kiosk can get it right.

There is a lot to be said about drive-thru food ordering – especially in the fast food-nation! Many times there just isn't time for a sit-down meal. People are rushing to work, from work, to their kids' sporting events, to the next meeting or home.

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