3M Library Systems adds security solution to kiosks

3M's newest system adds another level of security for cardholders using SelfCheck kiosks.


PCI compliance essential for kiosk operators

Kiosks have to comply with PCI DSS to protect cardholder information from hackers; non-compliance could be costly.

On your mark: US kiosks better get ready for EMV

The U.S. is one of the last countries to migrate to EMV, and liability for fraudulent transactions is about to shift.

Usability testing: Asking the right questions

You don't know what you don't know. In a previous post, we discuss the value and need for testing the usability of your kiosks. If you are conducting usability testing via either observation of users or artificially staged research, you are ahead of the game.

Antivirus software vs. kiosk software: What's the difference?

As we enter the world of "Android Security" and discussions about "Securing your Android Device," it is clear that there is much confusion around the Security Category, and where something like kiosk software fits in. Conversations abound about how installing...

Enhancing security in next-gen kiosk designs

Providers are investing in new technologies that provide a 'bigger picture' perspective into their self-service operations.

iOS 7: What it means for kiosks, mPOS and digital signage

Apple recently announced iOS 7, the newest version of iOS. While most of the entire keynote was focused on personal use, there are a bunch of new features that will also impact kiosks, digital signage and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS).

EcoATM Chief rebuts 'Today' show attack

The company's founder defends its security practices and relationship with law enforcement.

5 benefits of using cyber security kiosks

Safeguarding your company's infrastructure against malware attacks is crucial.

3 considerations when deploying payment kiosks

Sufficient preparation can cut down on the risks involved with a payment kiosk deployment.

Do phone-recycling kiosks cause crime?

EcoATM goes on the offensive against reports that the kiosk encourages theft.

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Android L could be used for kiosks, ATMs

Google's release of the developer preview for Android L has some speculating about its uses for ATMs and self-service kiosks.

ID TECH upgrades key pad and card reader to protect customers

Using unique tracking numbers, ID TECH has developed a new product that prevents card data compromise even in situations where the card is not present, according to a company announcement. ID TECH's latest product, the PCI 3.x SRED-certified key pad...

Card skimmer found on Grand Central ticket kiosk

A man from Queens has been arrested after a card skimmer was found on a ticket kiosk operated by New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority at Grand Central Station, My Fox News New York reports. In the last month, criminals installed...

Skimming alert for US Postal Service kiosks

Following reports of theft from counterfeit debit cards, the United States Postal Inspection Service is investigating the possibility that skimmers have been attached to automated stamp vending machines, according to KrebsOnSecurity. “Earlier this month, I began hearing from sources in...

Breakroom Provisions integrates micro markets fraud prevention from ECRS

To address the problem of theft from micro markets, Breakroom Provisions is introducing an anti-theft solution from its technology partner ECRS. The technology, which combines integrated image capture with an anti-theft "widget," is part of the ECRS mobile-ready, HTML 5...

KioWare inks US government contract pre-approving kiosk security software

Analytical Design Solutions Inc., which trades as KioWare, has received a U.S. government-wide pre-approved contract for its KioWare kiosk security software, according to a company announcement. The General Services Administration's "IT Schedule 70" contract means KioWare's kiosk security software is...

Study predicts number of passport kiosks to soar in global airports

According to a research report from Acuity Market Intelligence, airports will spend more than $2.2 billion globally on Automated Border Control eGates and kiosks between 2014 and 2018. The report forecasts that the total number of airport eGates with integrated...

Cyber Kiosk Solutions' software, mobile app pilots in medical marijuana dispensary

A medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado is about to get a dose of kiosk software to bolster its ID verification and fraud prevention. According to a news release from Cyber Kiosk Solutions, a Denver dispensary will beta test the CYBK's...

KioWare adds German to language preferences

Version 3.1 of KioWare Lite for Android, KioWare Basic for Android, and KioWare Full for Android has been released with a German language option for installation and configuration. The newest version of KioWare for Android automatically displays in German when...

Research firm predicts boom in airport eGates

Acuity Market Intelligence, a technology research consultancy, reports that the Automated Border Control (ABC) eGate and kiosk market will generate more than $1.2 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2020. According to a news release from the company, the total...

New versions of KioWare for Android released

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. has released Version 3.1 of KioWare Lite for Android, KioWare Basic for Android, and KioWare Full for Android.

Customs kiosks land at Pittsburgh International

Two Global Entry kiosks will be deployed at the Pittsburgh International Airport to speed customs processing for low-risk international travelers, according to an article on Airport World. Passengers enrolled in Global Entry will be able to process their entry into the U.S. via the kiosks using their machine-readable passport.

DigitalPersona introduces customer and employee biometric authentication system

DigitalPersona Inc. announced a new biometrics-based solution that allows security-minded enterprises to authenticate customers and employees in real time via intranet or VPN.

Portugal's Lisbon Int'l Airport gets passport verification kiosks

Vision-Box S.A., providers of automated border control systems and electronic identity solutions, has installed its Automated Border Control eGate, vb i-match 5, in the new arrivals and departures terminal at Lisbon International Airport in Portugal. The Automated Border Control eGates...

Self-serve scanning kiosks could speed up security lines

Qylur Security Systems, a Silicon Valley-based homeland security technology, announced commercial availability of the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution — an automated, self-service security-screening kiosk for sports and entertainment venues, monuments and transportation hubs. The Qylatron offers comprehensive large-venue security screening,...

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