Canadian company's kiosk to ease recycling woes

Encorp Pacific announces the opening of its Return-It Express Depot in Yaletown, Vancouver, for returning used beverage containers.


'Kill Switch' legislation and the ecoATM

A federal bill aimed at curbing smartphone thefts could offer a boost to the device recycling-kiosk company.

Outerwall moves ecoATM focus from malls to grocery stores

Outerwall posts a quaterly profit on core-business gains, with an expanded focus on ecoATM locations.

EcoATM Chief rebuts 'Today' show attack

The company's founder defends its security practices and relationship with law enforcement.

Shredding kiosk protects trees and IDs

An idea born from identity theft, The Shred Stop destroys documents while promoting recycling and sustainability.

Do phone-recycling kiosks cause crime?

EcoATM goes on the offensive against reports that the kiosk encourages theft.

The Top 10 kiosk stories of 2012

Thanks to the power of website analytics, we have tallied the list of our most-read stories of 2012.

Green kiosk startups battle landfill waste

The next generation of green kiosks fight waste by promoting recycling and sustainability. 

Going green: Self-service may lag behind other industries

It may seem like nearly every industry is going green, but what about self-service projects?

No need to campaign for recycling in D.C.

The state capital has signed a deal with PepsiCo to launch hundreds of recycling kiosks throughout the city.

ecoATM recycling its way across the country

The company dedicated to recycling electronics announces a multi-million dollar partnership, grant funding and a patent.

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Outerwall's ecoATM wins Green Business of the Year Award

Outerwall's ecoATM electronic recycling kiosk has received the 2014 Green Business of the Year Award from the Latin Business Association.

Outerwall commits to recycling 2 million pounds of e-waste

Outerwall Inc. announced at the Clinton Global Initiative that it is committed to bringing in 2 million pounds of e-waste to its ecoATM recycling kiosks in the next three years.

Outerwall intros #KioskSelfie contest

Outerwall Inc., in partnership with the Seattle Seahawks, has announced the #KioskSelfie sweepstakes calling for fans to snap a selfie with a Redbox, Coinstar or ecoATM kiosk and submit it to Outerwall's website.

Cellphone-recycling ecoATMs hit 3-million mark in cellphone recycling; 400 million to go

Cellphone recycling service provider ecoATM announced it reached the 3-million mark in kiosk collections of MP3 players, phones and tablets.

Stray animals, environment sustained by Istanbul vending machine

Instanbul-based Pugedon, a provider of smart recycling kiosks, has installed vending machines to feed the city's 100,000 stray cats and dogs. The machines also double as a recycling center, according to a article. When a plastic bottle is placed in the bin, the machine dispenses pet food.

Kiosk recycles phones for cash, aids in catching thieves

Jackson, Tenn.-based ecoATM is helping serve justice inside Old Hickory Mall , according to a article.     The phone-recycling kiosk was placed in the mall last July to offer visitors a place to recycle old phones for cash. While police believe the kiosk may attract criminals dumping stolen phones, it may also catch them.

City of Sydney installs recycling machines

The City of Sydney, Australia, is conducting a pilot of two reverse-vending machines that dispense rewards in exchange for empty drink containers. The reverse-vending machines from Envirobank accept cans and plastic bottles. Users are instructed not to crush the containers,...

Reverse vending machines give Air Miles for recyclables

Schools in Muscat, Oman are to receive reverse vending machines (RVMs), according to the Oman Daily Observer. The machines, which will be supplied by Averda, accept empty plastic bottles, cans, light bulbs and domestic batteries and in return reward recycling...

REMAG kiosks complete pilot phase as company plans improvements

REMAG, a kiosk-based program that rewards consumers for recycling with coupons, has completed its three month pilot in Puerto Rico and announced that more than 90,000 pounds of paper were recycled while close to $19,000 was donated to local nonprofit...

EcoATM recycling efforts surpass 2 million devices

The electronics recycling kiosk company ecoATM announced this week that it has recycled more than two million phones and devices in its four-year history. The company reached the one-million mark in April 2013. According to a news release from the...

BETTERY brings battery-recycling kiosks to Safeway

BETTERY Inc. has teamed up with Safeway to deploy its battery-recycling kiosks at select stores throughout Washington and Oregon, the company announced. Starting with stores in Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Safeway shoppers will be able to purchase reusable AA and...

Kiosk rewards recycling with coupons

SuperMax supermarkets in Puerto Rico have launched an in-store, kiosk-based coupon program that rewards shoppers with deals when they recycle newpapers, magazines and catalogs. Developed by REMAG, the kiosks are in three locations for a three-month trial period. They contain...

California startup SaveME launches battery recycling kiosks

Rechargeable battery swapping kiosks are gaining momentum on the West Coast. Earlier this year the BETTERY kiosks deployed at Whole Foods grocery stores in Washington and Oregon, and according to an article on, the SaveME kiosk is building a...

EcoATM launches donation drive to benefit Boston victims

Last week's bombing tragedy has prompted Boston native Tom Tullie, CEO of ecoATM, to launch a donation initiative on the company's electronics recycling kiosks. From now through May 22, kiosk users will have the option to donate the money they...

EcoATM reaches recycling milestone

San Diego-based ecoATM is putting its recent negative press in the past with this week's announcement that its kiosks have recycled more than 1 million devices. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling 1 million devices has the environmental impact...

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