Kiosks in Retail 101

Self-service kiosks increasingly are becoming a fixture of the retail landscape. As they become more popular, the devices are changing the way retailers serve their customers.

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Sankyo TRIO Reader Payment Device

Sankyo TRIO Reader Payment Device. The TRIO reader is a small, stylish payment device that accepts all cashless payment methods such as contact, contactless, magnetic stripe and even mobile. This smart reader implements all the payment logic internally which makes it easier for the integrator to pass certification.

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Budgeting for your interactive project

Are you thinking of initiating a kiosk or interactive merchandising program? In order to achieve appropriate budget parameters, you must set clearly defined goals. The purpose of this paper is to give all parties a framework to think about the important first steps.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

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'Kill Switch' legislation and the ecoATM

A federal bill aimed at curbing smartphone thefts could offer a boost to the device recycling-kiosk company.

Outerwall moves ecoATM focus from malls to grocery stores

Outerwall posts a quaterly profit on core-business gains, with an expanded focus on ecoATM locations.

EcoATM Chief rebuts 'Today' show attack

The company's founder defends its security practices and relationship with law enforcement.

Shredding kiosk protects trees and IDs

An idea born from identity theft, The Shred Stop destroys documents while promoting recycling and sustainability.

Do phone-recycling kiosks cause crime?

EcoATM goes on the offensive against reports that the kiosk encourages theft.

The Top 10 kiosk stories of 2012

Thanks to the power of website analytics, we have tallied the list of our most-read stories of 2012.

Green kiosk startups battle landfill waste

The next generation of green kiosks fight waste by promoting recycling and sustainability. 

Going green: Self-service may lag behind other industries

It may seem like nearly every industry is going green, but what about self-service projects?

No need to campaign for recycling in D.C.

The state capital has signed a deal with PepsiCo to launch hundreds of recycling kiosks throughout the city.

ecoATM recycling its way across the country

The company dedicated to recycling electronics announces a multi-million dollar partnership, grant funding and a patent.

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