Kiosks in Retail 101

Self-service kiosks increasingly are becoming a fixture of the retail landscape. As they become more popular, the devices are changing the way retailers serve their customers.

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Sankyo TRIO Reader Payment Device

Sankyo TRIO Reader Payment Device. The TRIO reader is a small, stylish payment device that accepts all cashless payment methods such as contact, contactless, magnetic stripe and even mobile. This smart reader implements all the payment logic internally which makes it easier for the integrator to pass certification.

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Budgeting for your interactive project

Are you thinking of initiating a kiosk or interactive merchandising program? In order to achieve appropriate budget parameters, you must set clearly defined goals. The purpose of this paper is to give all parties a framework to think about the important first steps.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

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Solar kiosks soak up Florida sun

The University of Florida provides an Earth-friendly wayfinding solution to campus visitors and students.

IKEA checks out of self-service

Deployment quirks made kiosks actually increase wait-time and inconvenience for shoppers.

CETWorld's special events include tours, massages and seminars

The Consumer Engagement Technology World conference is brimming with education, fun and a $10,000 contest.

Speakers, panels top agenda at first CETWorld conference

The conference will feature a range of topics and speakers representing the broad kiosk, digital and self-serve industries.

The “Rebirth” of Phoenix Kiosk - how one company adjusted to an evolving market

In the competitive kiosk industry, things change faster than you can blog about them. Companies must stay ahead of the curve, as well as present an effective message in an evolving marketplace.In this blog, I’ll talk about how a company might reinvent itself in order to put itself in a more favorable position to succeed.

SoloHealth partners to create free healthcare kiosks for Georgia's underserved

Rural communities getting health help through kiosks from the state, SoloHealth and healthcare museum.

Coke dispenser designed to ensure self-serve means selection

The master marketer is taking beverage dispensing to the next level, and leading the way on self-serve in QSRs.

Retailers combine digital signage, kiosks to create flagship store within a store

Attention-grabbing signs and self-service kiosks help build a destination for passersby and in-store shoppers.

Opinion: Kiosk applications continue to transform healthcare experiences

Hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers are turning to kiosks for a mix of uses, from check-in to the monitoring of patient well-being.

One Billion DVD rentals served! This is the new McDonald's

In a word, WOW!  Can you imagine a company coming out of nowhere revolutionizing the DVD rental market? Well, it's happened. Redbox has rented 1 billion DVDs.

Getting ready for Consumer Engagement Technology World

Every fall I find myself looking forward to getting the kids back into school and a real work schedule. Seems the summer months can be real hard to get clients together for meetings on a consistent basis because of vacations and such.

Flextronics uses in-house team to design, deliver redbox kiosk

A request to redesign a low-performing device led to the DVD rental kiosk that serves millions everyday.

Mobile payments in the U.S. remain an attractive but elusive idea: Study

A variety of approaches to the concept are in the works around the globe as firms seek entry to this promising field.

Flextronics plant uses Lean manufacturing to produce redbox kiosks

The manufacturer of the redbox applies mass-production techniques to build one kiosk at a time.

Bike-share with kiosks growing across country this summer

Several cities initiated rental bike programs, promoting health, a green alternative and ease of use. 

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