Digitals signage enables virtual soccer jerseys at Brazil's Museu do Futbol

Museum has deployed two Kinect-based augmented-reality digital signage installations for museum visitors to try on virtual soccer jerseys, according to project software provider Zugara.


Heart of the matter

How kiosks have enabled the Halle Heart Children’s Museum in Tempe, Arizona, to open wide its doors to the public.

How Penn State museum tackled customer engagement with kiosks

Kiosk software provides accessibility to Penn State and other museums and engages the public.

Interactive aquarium exhibits invite visitors to touch and learn

Digital displays placed throughout the Palma Aquarium allowed exhibit information to stand out yet still be readable.

The Waiting Dead: Can self-service kiosks prevent the zombie apocalypse? [infographic]

This infographic shows locations where apocalyptic backlogs of warm bodies are commonly found and gives examples of how businesses are using kiosks to combat them.

Interactive kiosks help NASA visitors explore Atlantis

The interactive digital technology plays a key role in personalizing the museum experience.

Find the Titanic!

The Mystic (Conn.) Aquarium is now home to an interactive museum exhibit "Titanic - 12,450 Feet Below" that features digital signage and kioks to take visitors along on the journey to discover the sunken vessel.

CETW: The Body Mirror

Snibbe Interactive's full-length "mirror" can let people take a deeper look at themselves.

Kiosks, digital signage help history go hi-tech

Kiosk and screen media are invading museums around the world, and this museum near Cincinnati is no exception.

Museum uses interactive digital signs to revive medieval Cracow

An ultramodern, underground museum uses interactive signage to show visitors the past of the historic Polish city.

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Ford museum deploys kiosk for exploring engine collection

Ford will offer guests an up-close look at Henry Ford’s kitchen sink engine in the Museum Plaza via 18 digital kiosks.

Kiosk to locate soldiers on Florida Vietnam War monument

Florida's Veteran's Memorial Park in Pensacola will soon add a kiosk to its Wall South Vietnam War monument.

Kiosk features Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes exhibit info at Detroit education center

Detroit's St. Vincent and Sara Fisher Center, an educational support organization for children and adults, will depend on kiosks for showcasing its upcoming exhibit "Windows of Opportunity," which will feature 18 stained glass windows with classic Mother Goose nursery rhyme scenes.

Museum kiosks to feature famous baby boomers

Interactive kiosks will showcase an upcoming photography exhibit at Washington, D.C.'s Newseum Museum starting Sept. 26.

Kiosk features a Delaware town's history

A new interactive kiosk debuted at the Milford, Del.-based Milford Museum, according to a article. The museum's recent 12-week renovation included a grant from the Lion's Club and from Delaware Humanities to purchase the kiosk. Milford Museum Executive Director...

Indianapolis Museum of Art deploys iPad kiosks

Tablet kiosk manufacturer Lilitab announced that the Indianapolis Museum of Art has deployed its iPad kiosks throughout the gallery in order to provide visitors the ability to digitally explore the exhibits, according to a company press release. "The Lilitab design...

U.S. Naval War College Museum deploys iPad-based kiosk exhibits

The digital archiving and media development solutions provider The Digital Ark announced its collaboration with the U.S. Naval War College for the design and development of interactive iPad kiosk exhibits. The Digital Ark partnered with the Naval War College Museum...

SensyTouch intros interactive digital signage kiosk

SensyTouch will introduce its 42-inch, multi-touch interactive kiosk at the Digital Signage Expo, which kicks off today in Las Vegas. The pedestal design creates a 3-foot-high display and incorporates a 35-degree tilt for better wheelchair accessibility. The display is targeted...

Interactive museum kiosk chomps on Florida Gators history

A new interactive kiosk at a Florida museum is displaying memorabilia and history from the University of Florida and its place in the state's history, according to the Gainesville (Fla.) Sun. The kiosk includes an interactive map of UF's historic buildings, and an exhibit at the museum through Nov.

Kiosks rock out with the Beatles

The redesign of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland is nearly complete and includes interactive kiosks and wayfinding solutions to showcase Beatles memorabilia and info. "The Rock Hall's extensive redesign includes the most comprehensive, artifact-driven...

NOAA picks documentary film for educational kiosk network

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that it has selected the documentary "Students Saving the Ocean" for its "Oceans Today" kiosk network. The Oceans Today network hosts more than 25 kiosks throughout the world and provides current ocean news through its 32-inch touch screen displays.

Underground Railroad museum uses digital signage, kiosks to look at slavery today

Cincinnati-based Electronic Art recently announced its digital contribution to "Invisible: Slavery Today," a new exhibit at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. Electronic Art created and installed the digital interactive displays and many of the video components of...

Avius Insight kiosk provides real-time guest feedback at San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has introduced the Avius Insight touch screen kiosk to allow guests to comment on their experience, provide suggestions for improvement and ask for assistance, all in real time, according to Insight kiosk creator Avius America. Zoo...

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