Proport: The tablet for your business

PROPORT™ - Enable as a kiosk, point-of-sale terminal, digital signage player, and all-in-one customer-facing tablet solution. How is it different than any other tablet you’ve used before? PROPORT delivers all the functionality you need, right out of the box.

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Sponsor: Applied Device Technologies

The SlabbKiosks X6 Model as a Multi-Function Solution

SlabbKiosks client was looking for an in-store payment solution. The project started with a long list of components that were required. However, after discussions, analysis and eleven (11) hardware revisions, we created a machine-ready design.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: SlabbKiosks

Rapid Conception to Production for Medication Management Company by Plexus

Cerner engaged Plexus to develop an innovative new product design for securing medications in an Automated Dispensing Cabinet. Plexus accepted the challenge and within two weeks delivered a design that has become the foundation of Cerner’s RxStation® solution. Plexus demonstrated why they are known as The Product Realization Company.”

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Plexus

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Plexus Global Capabilities

As a single, integrated, fully accountable partner, we deliver optimized Product Realization solutions that take your products from conceptual design to sustaining services.

Merchandising for the Connected Consumer

Who is the Connected Consumer? With a constant connection to the web and social media via a smart mobile device, the connected consumer is an informed shopper actively seeking the best value for a desired good.

Five ways tablets can transform retail experience

"Tablets have been touted as "reinventing" and "revolutionizing" retail. Retailers and consumer-facing businesses have been testing the use of tablets to gain operational and marketing advantages, and they like the results. Here are some ways retailers are getting big impact out of small screens."

Five paths leading to a nightmare deployment

Self-service is a growing industry. More and more companies can see the value of integrating a self-service solution in their business.

DISPLAX launches globe-shaped multitouch surface (video)

Company launches new multitouch, spherical-shaped display solution.

Kiosks go social

With the proliferation of tablets and smart phones, people are now able to update their Facebook status, snap a photo and tweet it to followers, or see where friends are through FourSquare check-ins – all at anytime, from anywhere. It...

Top uses for kiosks in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has obviously seen its share of challenges as travel and leisure budgets still border on "non-existent" for many Americans. Although the slumping economy has caused some industries to contract, hospitality is not a fad.

NRF: IBM launches self-checkout system

IBM execs expect the company's new self-checkout system to change the way shoppers view self-checkout.

ATM, or lottery kiosk?

Triton Systems of Delaware hopes its new ATM will help deployers and lotteries by dispensing both cash and dreams.

Kiosks with a personal touch could replace ATMs: Verizon

The giant telecom says interactive kiosks with video and widespread digital payments will change retail banking in the next 10 years.

Opinion: Kiosk applications continue to transform healthcare experiences

Hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers are turning to kiosks for a mix of uses, from check-in to the monitoring of patient well-being.

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