Using Apple Configurator and MokiManage for scalable and reliable iPad deployments

Apple Configurator and MokiManage together create the most effective way to manage the complete lifecycle of a single-purpose tablet, from deployment to management and monitoring. Individually, Configurator and MokiManage offer useful device deployment and management features. Combined, however, Configurator and...


Top uses for kiosks in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has obviously seen its share of challenges as travel and leisure budgets still border on "non-existent" for many Americans. Although the slumping economy has caused some industries to contract, hospitality is not a fad.

Kiosks order up faster fast food

Studies show that the quick-service restaurant industry is finally embracing kiosks.

Kiosk vs. Mobile: Industry insiders weigh in

As the popularity of mobile technology grows, will it spell the end for self-service as we know it?

NRF: IBM launches self-checkout system

IBM execs expect the company's new self-checkout system to change the way shoppers view self-checkout.

NRF: Microsoft Surface integrates online and in-store shopping

Video: A Microsoft spokesman talks about combining the online and in-store retail experiences via touch display.

NRF: Convergent technologies on the retail horizon

Shoppers want a seamless cross-channel experience; retailers who miss on convergence could fall behind.

KioskCom, The Digital Signage Show blurring distinctions

This year's KioskCom Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show will continue blending kiosks and digital signage, showing how the complementary fields work together to lift sales.

Special summit will again offer secure, open forum for deployers

Away from suppliers and media, users can share questions, concerns for their self-service projects.

KioskCom, The Digital Signage Show to make case despite economy

Show organizers say that self-service, digital signage have much to offer in a down market. 

New kiosk line from Meridian, NEXTEP skips the cash to speed the checkout

The two kiosk companies have paired to launch a new, low-cost alternative for self-checkout.

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NRT Technology Corp. growing in casino industry

NRT Technology Corp., a deployer of cash-handling solutions for the casino industry, has renewed and won several contracts to provide casinos with its QuickJack ticket-redemption kiosks, QuickJack Attendant Jackpot-dispensing kiosks and its multi-function QuickTouch kiosks. "Gaming operators can now count...

Reading made easy in New York library

Readers at the Sayville Public Library in Sayville, New York, will be able to quickly check out books when the library's RFID program is finished. And the security system will also make it tough for people to smuggle out books,...

Hotel chain Yotel to deploy kiosks

Yotel, a chain of Japanese-style capsule hotels in Amsterdam, London, New York and Abu Dhabi, has signed a five-year contract with Atos Origin subsidiary Shere Limited for self-service reception kiosks. “We firmly believe that self-service reception facilities will change the...

Big boxes add kiosks to help low-income Americans cash checks

Millions of low-income Americans who don't have bank accounts are finding an alternative to check-cashing stores at kiosks inside big-box retailers, according to the Washington Post. Kmart is testing check cashing, money transfers and prepaid cards in stores in Illinois,...

IER unveils 2-D barcode reader for easy airport check-in

IER, a manufacturer of technology for check-in and boarding in the air transportation industry, has released a 2-D barcode reader with integrated RFID technologies to be deployed at all passenger touch points, including ticket counter, security checkpoint, frequent-flyer clubs, service...

New York airports offer meal orders, delivery via kiosks

Travelers in a hurry may no longer have to skip lunch in order to make their flights, according to New York's JFK and LaGuardia airports recently installed kiosks that allow customers to order food from participating airport restaurants. Restaurant employees deliver the meals to customers' gates within 10 minutes.

Portable touchscreen kiosk provides quick healthcare check-up

Austin, Texas-based chip maker Freescale Semiconductor has launched a low-cost, intelligent hospital kiosk that enables patients to quickly check such health indicators as body temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar level. The Deccan Herald reports from the Freescale Technology Forum...

Comark launches Sphere kiosk

Comark Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance, ruggedized kiosks, has announced the launch of the Sphere kiosk, a multifunctional, interactive kiosk. It is capable of dispensing cards or printing on 8.5 x 11 paper using an integrated wide-format thermal printer.

Bill in Congress would mandate blind-accessible interfaces on all kiosks

The Technology Bill of Rights for the Blind, if enacted, would make new technology a must for all self-service units.

KIOSKCOM: Motorola shows MK4000 micro kiosk

At the KioskCom Self Service Expo in New York City, Motorola today is exhibiting the MK4000 micro kiosk, an interactive, full-service multimedia kiosk. The company says the micro kiosk is ideal for retail applications such as loyalty and gift card...

X2 Computing upgrades self-checkout for supermarket chain Waitrose

EVESHAM, Worcestershire, U.K. — X2 Computing, a provider of mobile computing solutions, announced it has been awarded a major contract to provide a shopping and checkout upgrade for the supermarket chain Waitrose's Quick Check service in 116 shops in the...

More than 150 companies to exhibit at Kiosk Europe Expo 2009 and Digital Signage Expo 2009

ESSEN, Germany — More than 150 international companies have already confirmed that they will be exhibiting at the Kiosk Europe Expo 2009 and Digital Signage Expo 2009, the world's largest trade show for self-service solutions and Europe's largest trade show...

Motorola micro kiosk answers common customer questions

Newsday: Motorola's new MK500 Micro Kiosk is able to answer common customer questions about a product: price and location in the store. The device is about 5 inches square and cheaper than other products in the company's kiosk line.

North Dakota kiosk can display everything Theodore Roosevelt

(Bismark, N.D.) KFYR-TV, Channel 5: The Library of Congress is shipping more than 600,000 documents about Theodore Roosevelt to Dickinson State University in North Dakota, and soon users of a self-service kiosk will be able to search through every one...

Fujitsu unveils self-service kiosk printer

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Electronic component distributor Fujitsu Components America has added a high-speed printer unit to its thermal printer line.

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