New report forecasts airport kiosk market

Transparency Market Research has released a new report forecasting trends in the airport kiosks market from 2015 to 2022.


Choosing and sourcing quality kiosk components

The decision to design and manufacture a new kiosk for your business isn’t generally one made lightly. You need to know just what aspects of component selection and sourcing are most critical, and know how to best utilize this knowledge to make the process seamless and just as importantly, painless, for your clients.

Cash recycling ATMs ready to take US by storm

Cash recycling technology has finally arrived in New York City, and experts believe the U.S. market is ready for this innovation.

Will tablets replace traditional kiosks?

Tablet kiosks appear to be taking the kiosk market by storm. However, are tablets truly superior to traditional designs?

Three steps to delivering ROI with analytics from your kiosk deployment

Big data gets all the headlines these days, but it can easily lead to information overload unless you utilize these three proven steps to manage and harness the data from your kiosk deployment.

Customized greeting cards personally crafted by kiosks

Sending a birthday or Christmas card can be a daunting task. You go through each card that has an interesting illustration only to open it up and find the actual "greeting" rather cheesy or inappropriate. Card Isle is attempting to fix this issue with a self-service kiosk that lets users create customized greeting card.

Kiosks save drowned phones

When it comes to reviving drowned cellphones, kiosks may hold the answer.

Coffee for Marines: AVT lands USMC deal

AVT lands deal with the Marines, helping it return to financial stability in the wake of Chapter 11.

Style vs practicality: Key components of kiosk design

With a good meal, half of the experience is determined by the presentation of the food. The same principle can be applied to kiosk design. Mainly, how does one find the balance between style and practical usage of valuable retail space?

Now kiosks are delivering freshly baked pizzas

Pizza is the go-to meal for almost every occasion. Normally there are only a few options to purchase pizza such as frozen, carryout or delivery. However, kiosk manufacturer A1 concepts has crafted a new pizza kiosk which will allow consumers to purchase a fresh pizza on the spot.

Health care Kiosks 101

From anxiety over test results to anxiousness while sitting in a hospital bed, patients need every tool possible to help relieve stress. One of these tools that can make the process of hospital visits easier are health care kiosks.

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Heckler Design expands kiosk offerings for iPad Pro

Kiosk manufacturer Heckler Design has announced it is expanding its WindFall product line to include stands, frames and kiosks for the iPad Pro.

3D printing kiosks arrive at Best Buy

Now, select Best Buy customers will be able to see 3D printers in action with new 3D printing kiosks designed as a partnership between kiosk manufacturer Frank Mayer and Associates Inc and ROBO 3D.

Computer manufacturer releases line of rugged PCs

Computer manufacturer Logic Supply has launched a new line of rugged commercial off-the-shelf PCs designed to withstand extreme conditions including temperature swings, moisture and high levels of shock and vibration.

Payment services kiosk voted 'Best New Service' at Corporate Entrepreneur Awards

The Western Union Company was awarded the 'Best New Service' Award for its self-service bill-payment/money-transfer kiosk system, which has been deployed at more than 7,800 Walgreens.

Tablet kiosk firm imageHOLDERS releases new enclosures

Tablet kiosk manufacturer imageHOLDERS has announced the launch of eight new enclosures for tablet kiosks.

Kiosk manufacturer develops automated retailing systems for trade shows

Kiosk manufacturer AVT Inc. has announced it is developing a new automated retailing system for trade shows to reward participants and provide companies with customer analytics.

Global interactive kiosk market to reach $2.88 billion by 2022, report says

The global interactive kiosk market is expected to be worth $2.88 billion by 2022 and grow by a CAGR of 14.63 percent, according to a new report.

Report analyzes trends, forecasts future of kiosk market

A new report by Transparency Market Research examines current trends and growth opportunities for the kiosk market from 2014 to 2020. It examines current advantages and disadvantages in the market and looks at key players.

Shuttle launches mini-PC for Intel Core sixth generation

Hardware manufacturer Shuttle recently announced the launch of its new mini PC, the XPC cube Barebone SH170R6. It is designed as the company's first platform for the sixth generation of Intel Core processors.

Vending-kiosk industry to grow over 14 percent, according to report

The vending-kiosk industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.4 percent over the period 2014-2019 according to a new report entitled "Global Vending Machines Market 2015-2019."

Cellphone-charging kiosks to debut at BizBash Live

Kiosk manufacturer Veloxity has announced it plans to demo its commercial cellphone-charging kiosks on Oct. 27 at the trade show BizBash Live.

Extron adds touchscreens to kiosk enclosures

Technology company Extron Inc. recently announced it has added touchscreen-embedded work surfaces to its Knurr brand of electronic enclosures, control room consoles and mobile carts.

Startup delivers kitchen pantry in kiosk form

Kiosk startup Pantry is delivering the kitchen pantry experience through a vending kiosk. It is designed specifically with businesses and micro-markets in mind.

Kiosk manufacturer launches next-gen Apple TV mount

Following the announcement of a new Apple TV line, kiosk manufacturer Maclocks has announced the launch of its latest locking mount for the new generation.

The iPad Mini gets a countertop kiosk

Kiosk manufacturer imageHOLDERS has announced the launch of its newest countertop kiosk for the iPad Mini, which will also work for several other tablets including the Galaxy Note 8 and Google Nexus 7.

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