Tapping into the DVD Rental Market

DVD rental kiosks are growing in popularity. Learn how partnering with an innovative technology company can help you maximize ROI in this lucrative market.

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Sponsor: Imozi

Kiosk Branding

Kiosks are increasingly becoming an accepted part of the retail environment, but a kiosk's message is more than just the service it provides.

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Sponsor: KioskMarketplace.com

How convenience stores can increase revenue with bill payment solutions

Are you connected with your traditional revenue streams flat lining? As traditional revenue streams flat line, revenue generating bill payment kiosks help increase profitability and bring customers back in store. This white paper examines how bill payment kiosks can help...

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Sponsor: TIO Networks Corp.

meridian Self-Service Solutions Infographic

From concept to completion. View meridian's steps for self-service solutions with infographic. meridian brings 20 years of self-service know-how and experience to the table and strategizes on how to make your idea work successfully.

Type: Infographic

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mzero Software Infographic Overview

The Mzero software suite is self-service business infrastructure software designed to integrate and enhance the functionality of each component to create an environment that communicates effectively with your kiosk application.

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Sponsor: meridian

MokiTouch: Turnkey Services

Creating a reliable and secure tablet kiosk requires more than just buying a tablet and sticking it on the wall. The iPad and Android tablets are fantastic consumer devices, but using them as a kiosk requires a level of reliability and security that does not come out-of-the-box.

Type: Brochure

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Many Happy Returns … A Return On Merchandising Investment Model

How many marketing, merchandising, and product managers are faced with these kinds of marching orders on almost a daily basis? With more than 35 years in the business, I can tell you this happens more often than not.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

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