D&K Engineering Helps RIS Transform Inkjet Cartridge Refilling

Successful manufacturing starts with finding the right partner .Clearly defined roles and Responsibilities leads to a successful collaboration.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: D&K Engineering

Three Benefits for RFID Use in Airports

By consolidating and expediting the check-in process, creating the ability to track items and employees, and enhancing security, RFID is being utilized in a variety of ways in airports.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Custom

The printer: A critical component of a kiosk design

Trying to save money on a kiosk printer may end up as the most costly decision a deployer could make

Type: Special Report

Sponsor: Microcom Corporation

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Kiosk Marketplace Top 5: April edition

In April, marijuana enthusiasts lit up for '420' celebrations, so it's appropriate that a feature about cannabis kiosks was the most-read story of the month.

Is it time to retire kiosk printer paper?

In a business era driven by data analytics, the ability to harness consumer information through digital receipt records has led to the practical disappearance of kiosk paper receipts.

Kiosk receipts: keep or toss?

Most POS kiosks and ATMs give customers paper receipts at the end of the transaction. However, with identity theft being a rampant threat, how should you deal with all those receipts? Should you keep them or toss them?

Kiosk printers move to 3D

Until recently, kiosk printers were limited to receipts and other 2D items. Now, the sky is the limit with 3D printing enabling countless possibilities from toys to prosthetic limbs.

Building toys with 3D printing kiosks

From prosthetic limbs to organ replacement, the possibilities for 3-D printers seem endless, yet one area 3-D printing is about to explode is in the manufacturing business. This is particularly true in toy manufacturing with PieceMakers’ new 3-D printing kiosk called the PieceMaker Factory.

Arizona ADOT kiosks win PACE award

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Division recently received the 2014 Public Affairs and Consumer Education (PACE) Award for the installation of self-service, interactive touchscreen kiosks that perform ServiceArizona transactions in more than half the MVD offices across the state.

Kodak President: Internal buyout a 'win-win'

Eastman Kodak Co. announced an innovative bankruptcy emergence plan today, involving the spin off of its Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging Businesses to the U.K.

Kiosk replaces coupon clipping with convenient deals (Video)

Zebra Technologies discusses its latest solution that makes couponing easier for both the shopper and the retailer.

Coupon dispensing kiosk by Zebra Technologies and Olea

A partnership between Zebra Technologies and Olea Kiosks resulted in this assisted selling, coupon dispensing kiosk.

Kodak Q&A: 'We're a memory company'

A Kodak exec explains how their photo kiosks will go beyond images to become multipurpose content and media stations.

The kiosk crystal ball: Predictions for 2013

Kiosks and self-service will see increased evolution in 2013, as smartphone use soars and tablet options expand. 

Choosing the right paper for your kiosk: Environmental resistance

This is part three of our three-part series that delves into the aspects of thermal paper that affect its grade. When deciding which thermal paper grade is right for your kiosk, it's important to consider the environment in which it...

Choosing the right paper for your kiosk: Thermal paper thickness

This is part two of a three-part series that delves into the aspects of thermal paper that affect its grade. For kiosk implementations that require a paper receipt, you want to consider the thickness of your receipt paper. In the...

Choosing the right paper for your kiosk: Thermal paper sensitivity

This is part one of a three-part series that will delve into the aspects of thermal paper that affect its grade. We'd like to take a more in-depth look at thermal paper sensitivity. Paper sensitivity is a significant factor when selecting a thermal paper for your kiosk application.

Why are your kiosk receipts fading?

Have you ever taken out a receipt to make a return and noticed that it's starting to fade, or worse yet has become completely unreadable? Do you wonder why this happens? In order to avoid issues with your kiosk receipts,...

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Printers are one of the most mechanically complex items in any kiosk. Whether they're printing receipts, tickets or something else, their quality can make or break the kiosk experience for a customer.