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Esprida's software platform designed to build and run the applications of the connected world. The platform reduces the time, cost, and risk required to build innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


Access to the world via public Internet kiosks

Public internet kiosks can be customized or standard, and can be ruggedized in order to accommodate the demands of heavy usage.

Six best practices for kiosk design and deployment

Kiosks have been proven to be highly effective for improving customer satisfaction, creating competitive differentiation and reducing operating costs, but these benefits can't be taken for granted. The kiosk plop-and-drop, a poorly thought-out kiosk implementation, does not in any way guarantee success.

Top uses for kiosks in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has obviously seen its share of challenges as travel and leisure budgets still border on "non-existent" for many Americans. Although the slumping economy has caused some industries to contract, hospitality is not a fad.

Inside the kiosk: It’s game on with gamer towers (slide show)

Kiosks house gaming systems while displaying digital signage.

Hospital patients checking out self-service check ins

The trend toward self-service kiosks in health-care facilities for such uses as patient check-in and wayfinding is on the rise. While health-care organizations value the increased staff efficiency the kiosks deliver, patients can also benefit with added convenience and time...

Coinstar expanding services to stay in the game

Photo booth, "eBay in a kiosk" among the company's new launches.

Are your employees money hungry?

Kiosks are helping employees track fitness goals while cutting company health-care costs.

Next-gen charging kiosks provide more than just a quick jolt

Multimedia capability expands potential deployment possibilities.

Vigix rolling out ‘first true vending kiosks'

Vigix Inc. will be featuring a new vending kiosk solution at April's KioskCom show in Las Vegas, and the company is confident the system it's calling the "first true vending kiosk" will be a showstopper.

Focus on Escalate Retail's new Pocket Kiosk

Escalate Retail is offering a novel approach to all-channel commerce, using shoppers' own smartphones as a "Pocket Kiosk."

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Solar-powered internet kiosk deployed in Nigeria

Hello Hub, a solar-powered kiosk with two touchscreen computers containing educational software and an internet connection, has deployed to connect children and adults to the Internet and other resources.

Victims of domestic violence report abuse via ATM-like kiosk in India

The Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk was deployed in a bank in Bhubaneswar as part of a six month pilot program.

Nettime intros new labor management kiosk

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based nettime solutions is releasing its latest data collection product, the stratustime web kiosk, for organizations tracking employee time and attendance, according to a press release.

Retail kiosks integrate online, self-service shopping options

Demand is growing for the integration of online and self-service stores, according to Corona, Calif.-based AVT Inc., a developer of custom kiosks, vending machines and automated retailing. AVT's new Micro-Stores, which will be shipped out in the third quarter, combine...

Information kiosks enroll at University of Mumbai

The University of Mumbai in Mumbai, India, is set to install five Internet kiosks to give students access to information that is posted on its website, DNA India reports. The kiosks will be placed in monitored locations and will provide...

Community college in Denver rolls out ZIVELO kiosks

The Community College of Colorado in Denver announced the installation of four touchscreen kiosks manufactured by ZIVELO. The kiosks enable career and technical education students to access all of the institution's databases, receive 24-hour chat access and individual research assistance....

New Zealand MSD to replace flawed kiosk system after security breach

After the Ministry of Social Development in New Zealand pulled the plug on its defunct public computers after a security breach, MSD Chief Executive Brendan Boyle announced that new kiosks will roll out in May of 2013. According to,...

Computer kiosks help Virginia social service offices prep for Obamacare

A health care and social services office in Virginia is turning to self-service computer kiosks to help with the influx of participants from the Affordable Care Act. According to, instead of seeing an eligibility worker, new clients are now...

Childcare center compliance simplified with new kiosk

Childcare Compliance, a legal compliance resource for childcare providers, agencies and unions, has introduced its new Comply Ally kiosk to caregivers seeking potentially critical legal solutions. The Comply Ally is a computer terminal kiosk with pre-loaded compliance tools and business...

Blogger exposes major security flaw in New Zealand Internet kiosks

Public Internet kiosks in New Zealand were shut down due to a major security breach of the system that gave access to sensitive case files and information through the Work and Income office network. According to an article on,...

Indian group to launch Web-access 'Playground Kiosks' in Bhutan

According to the Hindu Business Line, IT training and education agency NIIT has launched a new Web access kiosk initiative called "Playground Kiosks" in Bhutan. NIIT will set up 130 solar-powered touchscreen kiosks across Bhutan that will allow Bhutanese students...

Free Web service tests security of Internet kiosks

According to, New Zealand information security specialist Paul Craig released version 5 of iKAT (Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool) at the recent Defcon hacker conference. A free Web service, iKAT works to penetrate the protective mechanisms of internet kiosk PCs to gain control of the systems.

Australian telco deploying webphone kiosks to replace payphones

According to the International Business Times, Australian telco Telstra will be deploying Internet kiosk webphones to replace payphones. Calling them the "21st century upgrade for the payphone," the new Telstra kiosks will enable consumers browse or pay bills online, as...

Australian government allocates millions to maintain kiosk program

The Australian government will provide $10.4 million over four years for the ongoing maintenance of the 2,000 broadband kiosks set up around the country to help senior citizens use the Internet. According to, the technology provider for the initial...

Rite on the Button to install concierge kiosks in California

Rite on the Button, a company that provides customized electronic concierge solutions, will soon install interactive touch-screen kiosks around Ventura, Calif. According to, the kiosks will help visitors find information about entertainment, restaurants and events. The company is currently...

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