Making ADA Compliance Easy with Video Walls

Setting up a video wall can raise some unexpected ADA issues, but developments in mounting techniques are making the process easier.

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Sponsor: Peerless-AV

Kiosk Installations: Considerations for Success

Service is usually the last thing deployers think about when starting a project, but answering a few questions up front can save time and money.

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Sponsor: ServRight

Weighing the Options of Off-the-Shelf and Custom Kiosks

Both offer an array of possibilities, opportunities to meet deployers’ varied strategic needs.

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Sponsor: Olea Kiosks Inc.

Five Strategies to Make Kiosks User-Friendly

Ensuring accessibility and easy navigation helps keep kiosks in use.

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Sponsor: Olea Kiosks Inc.

Prior Planning Prevents (Really) Poor Kiosk Performance

A self-service kiosk project can save a company money and help it better serve customers, or it can be a colossal waste of money. One of the keys to a successful project is thorough planning.

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Sponsor: RedyRef Interactive Kiosks

Budgeting for your interactive project

Are you thinking of initiating a kiosk or interactive merchandising program? In order to achieve appropriate budget parameters, you must set clearly defined goals. The purpose of this paper is to give all parties a framework to think about the important first steps.

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Sponsor: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Stego Kiosk Heater Calculation Worksheet

This heating calculator sheet predicts the required heat output required to keep your kiosk at a safe and secure temperature.

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Sponsor: STEGO, Inc.

Stego Thermal Management Products and Accessories for Enclosures

STEGO products ensure that electromechanical and electronic components function without fault or breakdown by providing optimum climatic conditions. These ideal climatic prerequisites are ensured by reliable temperature and humidity control systems.

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Sponsor: STEGO, Inc.

Stego Thermal Management Products and Accessories for Enclosures Catalogue

STEGO develops innovative products that heat, cool, ventilate, illuminate, and control temperature and humidity for enclosed electronic control systems. STEGO products are reliable, simple, high quality and cost effective.

Type: Catalog

Sponsor: STEGO, Inc.

mzero Software Infographic Overview

The Mzero software suite is self-service business infrastructure software designed to integrate and enhance the functionality of each component to create an environment that communicates effectively with your kiosk application.

Type: Infographic

Sponsor: Meridian

Planning for a Tablet Display - Designing for Success

Businesses have been both exhilarated and challenged by the rapid adoption of tablets by consumers. Tablets promise to extend connectivity to settings where it may not have been practical before and provide a fresh way for consumers to engage.

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Sponsor: Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad Info Sheet

Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad™ is a powerful web browser lockdown tool, an intelligent solution for organizations to manage groups of iPad’s from a web-accessible computer or smart phone. In addition, Esprida enables corporations to implement Esprida LiveControl for MDM.

Type: Fact Sheet

Sponsor: Esprida Corporation

Esprida Live Control Remote Service & Support

Within many companies, service and support organizations need to deploy costly global service personnel to support a global customer base. They are charged with delivering improved productivity to support continually increasing numbers of products and locations with the same sized...

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Sponsor: Esprida Corporation

Employee Self Service HR Deployment

A leading global food and beverage company needed to provide a portal to Human Resources tools to more efficiently serve 40,000 disconnected employees in their manufacturing and distribution facilities. With the help of Kiosk Information Systems, they implemented an 800-unit...

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: KIOSK Information Systems

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