Kiosks in Health Care 101

The health care industry is increasing its use of self-service kiosks in areas ranging from patient check-in to doctor consultations to the filling of prescriptions.

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Rigorous Testing Ensures Successful Kiosk Rollout for the Ohio Department of Health

A thorough user review enabled INTOUCH Interactive and PROVISIO to provide an easy-to-use, durable interactive kiosk.

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Self-Service in Health Care

Health care organizations are increasingly seeking to cut costs, and kiosks are becoming a part of that effort. Learn how kiosks can streamline the patient experience, being used for everything from wayfinding to patient check-in to vendor management.

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Kiosks in Healthcare

Self-service technology helps medical professionals cut costs and boost patient satisfaction.

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Hospital benefits from sterling service

Garden City Hospital, located on the outskirts of Detroit, had a hard time keeping its machines stocked and an even harder time keeping its vending area staffed. Sterling Services, a foodservice management and vending company serving the Detroit metropolitan area,...

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Scaime AH Load Cells

Low profile single point load cell, designed for platforms up to 20 inches x 20 inches (500 mm x 500 mm).

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Planning for a Tablet Display - Designing for Success

Businesses have been both exhilarated and challenged by the rapid adoption of tablets by consumers. Tablets promise to extend connectivity to settings where it may not have been practical before and provide a fresh way for consumers to engage.

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Immediate Patient-Visit Feedback

Using a traditional mail-out survey, department managers have needed to wait up to 6 months before receiving patient feedback data. By placing The Opinionmeter at the point-of-care, Kaiser Permanente managers now have immediate access to feedback from their patients about their just-completed visit.

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Wellpoint and NeoProducts make Healthcare interactive

Wellpoint, already the leading supplier of blood pressure monitoring equipment for the pharmacy sector in the UK, came to NeoProducts with a concept design for an innovative “next generation” interactive product.

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Case Study: TouchPoint Solutions helps Promedia 'catapult' to victory for vets

Promedia is on a mission. The California-based technology developer is rolling out a nationwide network of access terminals to deliver government-sponsored health and benefits information to U.S. service veterans. Discover how Catapult provided the key to success.

Type: Case Study

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Waiting Room Kiosks Help Non-Profit

Free healthcare, health information, and voter registration! Not to worry, this offer isn’t spam in your mailbox or a cheesy infomercial. A well known organization is reaching out to patients by offering free healthcare, health information and promoting voter registration through waiting-room kiosks.

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Sponsor: KioWare

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