Tupelo plays to tourists with iPad kiosks

Tupelo, Mississippi, plans to provide information on all the city's attractions and restaurants with new iPad kiosks deployed at seven hotels throughout the area.


Kiosks keeping car emissions in check

When it comes to car emissions test, failing can mean losing your license. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is attempting to make the test process less stressful with a self-service kiosk.

Coffee for Marines: AVT lands USMC deal

AVT lands deal with the Marines, helping it return to financial stability in the wake of Chapter 11.

Science center kiosks teach users about ocean conservation

The ocean has made life possible on this planet, yet humanity has shown its gratitude by choking it with vast amounts of pollutants. Faced with this reality, the U.S. government has established several National Marine Sanctuaries both for education and conservation.

Apple Pay and interactive kiosks

The next wave of major innovation to self-service kiosk solutions is the integration of mobile payment solutions, such as Apple Pay.

Saving the DMV, one kiosk at a time

Kiosks offer a convenient alternative to the nightmare of long DMV lines.

Bring the courts to the people with kiosks

Court kiosks help courts and government agencies do more with less.

Nashville bike-share kiosks 'performing better than expected'

The recent success of the federal grant-funded program brought the city of Nashville more attention, but little has been said about the role of kiosks in the bike sharing trend.

Arizona ADOT kiosks win PACE award

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Division recently received the 2014 Public Affairs and Consumer Education (PACE) Award for the installation of self-service, interactive touchscreen kiosks that perform ServiceArizona transactions in more than half the MVD offices across the state.

Scottish National Health Service checks-in hospital kiosks

Scotland's NHS inks £1 million in contracts for hospital kiosks, software and queue-management digital signage.

Pot payment kiosks cropping up like weeds

Kiosk vendors could grow profits from medical marijuana industry.

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Cincinnati deploys kiosks for birth and death certificates

Cincinnati recently deployed several kiosks that allow residents to apply for birth and death certificates offsite from the Vital Records Office.

Pennsylvania borough to activate parking kiosks on Veterans Day

Lansdale, a borough in Pennsylvania, plans to get new parking kiosks online in time for Veterans Day.

University of Memphis to receive license renewal kiosk

The University of Memphis is deploying a license renewal kiosk on campus to help increase student access to license renewal services.

Ohio BMV deploys vehicle-registration kiosks

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has recently deployed nine kiosks as part of a pilot program that enables residents to renew their vehicle registration via kiosk.

New Hampshire city installs parking kiosks

The city of Keene, New Hampshire, has recently deployed new parking kiosks in Keene's Commercial Street lot to replace its traditional parking meters.

North Carolina city to install parking kiosks

The City Public Works Department of Henderson, North Carolina, plans to install six new parking kiosks to replace older parking meters.

Ohio county to install drive-through bill-payment kiosks

Next year, residents of Stark County in Ohio will be able to pay property taxes, court fines and fees at bill-payment kiosks that will be deployed at drive-through locations.

Iowa Lottery attempts to change law to allow lottery vending kiosks

The Iowa Lottery is attempting to deploy vending kiosks to sell scratch tickets and pull tabs. However, the lottery will need to change the law to add an exception for self-service kiosks since 'monitor vending machines,' have been banned since 2006.

Customs kiosk computer system crashes at multiple airports

Recently, due to a severe computer outage, kiosks for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection went down at multiple airports on Oct. 14, which caused severe delays and backup.

Telemedicine kiosks arrive in India

Software developers Ebix Inc. recently announced it has deployed its telemedicine kiosks Ask a Doctor throughout the state of Rajasthan, India, to provide residents with access to medical advice.

Dubai Police deploy bill-payment kiosks

Dubai residents now have a fast way to pay off their speeding tickets since the Dubai Police have recently deployed bill payment kiosks across the United Arab Emirates to pay for police fines.

Alabama city integrates tag-renewal kiosks

Residents in Rogersville, Alabama, will now no longer have to make a trip to the county tag office to renew their tags, they can simply go to the town hall to utilize a kiosk.

Florida county sheriff spreads crime tips, info with kiosks

St Johns County, Florida, residents will now be able to identify criminals and receive crime tips on the go with new informational Pro-Tektor kiosks.

Kiosk manufacturer releases FDA compliance kit for traditional vending kiosks

With new FDA regulations on the rise, many traditional vending machines will need an upgrade. Kiosk manufacturer AVT Inc. is attempting to answer this need with its new retrofit kit with a new touchscreen panel.

Georgia county launches tax payment kiosks for a fee

Residents of Gwinnet County, Georgia, can now skip the lines by paying their property tax via kiosk, as long as they are willing to pay a fee based on their method of payment.

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Government agencies on local, state and national levels are increasingly using self-service kiosk technology to provide better service to citizens at a lower cost to taxpayers.