Soiled Dove Case Study | Livewire Digital Case Study

Located in the world famous Lower-Downtown Denver area, affectionately known as LoDo. The Soiled Dove offers a selection of entertainment, ranging from premier local talent to national recording artists in all styles of music. Read about their ticket sales solution.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Livewire Digital

What You Need to Know When Purchasing a Ticket Printer

In the market to purchase a ticket printer? Here’s what to consider, including situation, cost and type.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Microcom Corporation

Cashflow | VNR Recycler

Have you ever gone to an amusement park or a ski resort with your family and friends and all you see are huge lines everywhere you turn? Did you wish for them to all just disappear?

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Crane Payment Innovations

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The Waiting Dead: Can self-service kiosks prevent the zombie apocalypse? [infographic]

This infographic shows locations where apocalyptic backlogs of warm bodies are commonly found and gives examples of how businesses are using kiosks to combat them.

DVD kiosks may steal Netflix market share

Netflix's decision to split its streaming and mailing services into separate businesses may create opportunities for DVD kiosk companies.

Music kiosks 'Get 'em to the Greek'

Concert goers at L.A.'s Greek Theatre take home live performances via kiosks.

Video games now available at 21k+ redbox kiosks

Redbox is now offering video games: another coffin nail for brick-and-mortar or a last gasp for kiosks?

Will porn become the 'next big thing' in the kiosk industry?

Look out DVD-rental kiosks — porn may take over as the go-to product in the self-service industry. I recently wrote about a porn kiosk because I liked the novelty of the idea — it seemed odd enough to feature in...

Consumers creating virtual postcards via kiosks

Send A Message kiosks are gaining popularity in the hotel and entertainment industries.

Recording kiosks connect fans to brands

Social networking is all the rage these days, and one company has designed a kiosk to help retailers build brand awareness by giving consumers a deeper social experience at sporting events and concerts. The Quicken Loans Arena, which is home...

Is Zediva the movie-rental industry’s newest diva?

If startup Zediva Inc. has its way, Netflix won't be the DVD-kiosk industry's only major player. The Sunnyvale, Calif., company is offering its own movie-watching service, charging $1.99 per movie through an Internet connection.

Inside the kiosk: It’s game on with gamer towers (slide show)

Kiosks house gaming systems while displaying digital signage.

Kiosks could help golfers improve short games

We've heard of RoboCop, but there's a new robot in town. RoboPutt, a self-service kiosk that gives putting lessons, is free to deploy for owners of golf facilities. Machines are installed at no charge, with the understanding that the profit...

Interactive technology strikes it big with bowling fans

Hands-on exhibits featuring kiosks are attracting visitors of all ages to the 25-year-old museum.

Kiosks, digital signage help history go hi-tech

Kiosk and screen media are invading museums around the world, and this museum near Cincinnati is no exception.

28 days earlier: NCR's DVD kiosks work around new release delays

NCR is testing premium pricing for premium new releases in its Blockbuster-brand kiosks.

ATM, or lottery kiosk?

Triton Systems of Delaware hopes its new ATM will help deployers and lotteries by dispensing both cash and dreams.

Kiosks add "license to drive" to LEGOLAND ride

Creative kiosk-solution providers deliver a fun take-home memory for theme park.

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