SlabbKiosks X7 Kiosk Enclosure

The X7 kiosk is elegant with a rugged steel enclosure that is ideal for high usage locations. It is available with or without our signature stainless steel poles and can be outfitted with an optional side brochure rack, making it a perfect transactional or retail kiosk.

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Sponsor: SlabbKiosks

Infographic: Tablet Kiosk Project Vitals

Whether you plan on deploying 5 mobile devices or 50,000, there are many factors you need to consider for a successful deployment. This cheatsheet has been built to help guide you through all of the decisions you need to make for your unique tablet or smartphone project.

Type: Infographic

Sponsor: Moki

Stego Thermal Management Products and Accessories for Enclosures Catalogue

STEGO develops innovative products that heat, cool, ventilate, illuminate, and control temperature and humidity for enclosed electronic control systems. STEGO products are reliable, simple, high quality and cost effective.

Type: Catalog

Sponsor: STEGO, Inc.

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3 keys to improving outdoor kiosk reliability (before you install)

Ruggedized workstation and kiosk experts look at three main areas that can often create problems for those deploying outdoor kiosks or workstations.

5 tips for creating massively scalable kiosk applications

Scalable design doesn't happen by accident -- it requires careful planning and an upfront time investment.

Tablets enable telehealth translation services (Video)

Video conferencing enables in-office translation services through an ArmorActive iPad kiosk.

The Top 10 kiosk stories of 2012

Thanks to the power of website analytics, we have tallied the list of our most-read stories of 2012.

The year of the tablet: Top kiosk trends of 2012, Pt. I

Tablets took center stage in 2012, with mobile and social media integration reaching deeper into the market.

Tablets bring unique strengths, handicaps to kiosk applications

Bottom line: No one is predicting iPad ubiquity in self-service - yet.

Protecting your iPad kiosk

More than 500 iPad kiosk enclosures designed by nClosures are already in use.

CETW: Multi-touch assisted POP

RedDotNet demonstrates two tablet-based kiosks, one with thumb-wheel interactivity.

CETW: Auto-adjusting drive-thru kiosk

Meridian Zero Degrees shows its innovative QSR application, developed in partnership with Nextep.

Engaging exhibitors bring it to New York for CETWorld

More than 100 exhibitors will be showcasing their top products and services at the inaugural CETWorld show.

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