Virtual concierge offers VIP customer service


Virtual concierge kiosks are on the rise, because with advancements in video conferencing quality and the proliferation of personal internet connected devices, the possibilities of what can be accomplished with virtual concierge kiosks are seemingly endless.


Choosing and sourcing quality kiosk components part 2

Last time, we discussed how to choose the right kiosk components for a project. This week, we conclude with the second stage of kiosk development and component selection: sourcing the actual components to be used in the final design, and the choices that will need to be made around these decisions.

Cellphone kiosks charge up retail sales

Many shoppers are familiar with the mad rush to find an outlet to charge their cellphone's battery. Cellphone charging kiosks can address this need, while providing retailers with increased customer time and purchases.

Keeping customers happy with loyalty kiosks

We've all heard the many sayings about the importance of satisfying customers by providing optimal customer service. One key way to keep customers satisfied is to offer a loyalty program.

Build a menu, get a free Spanish lunch

Normally there is no such thing as a free lunch, but a touchscreen display in downtown Madrid offered free lunches to participants who could create their own menus in less than a minute.

ICX Symposium: the new emotional retail economy

The ICX Symposium in Atlanta later this month will feature a session featuring two executives from MaxMedia addressing retail's emotional economy. ICX Association Executive Director Scott Slucher interviewed the duo about the emotional truths of customer engagement.

Hospitality kiosks make everyone happy

Hospitality kiosks have been deployed in a variety of venues including bill payment, wayfinding, loyalty programs and more. If used properly, hospitality kiosks can harness the tools of technology to make everyone happy, including the much sought after demographic: the millennials.

ICX Symposium: Chick-fil-A, Fiserv, execs set to talk future of CX

At the ICX Symposium in Atlanta later this month, attendees will get to hear from execs from three major companies talk about new technology and how it will bring about the future of customer experience. ICX Association head Scott Slucher interviewed the trio about what to expect.

Successful kiosk deployment in a crowded marketplace

It can be difficult to grab the eyeballs needed to make a kiosk profitable. However, there are three tactics that can help improve your chances.

ICX Symposium: Moore's law ushers in future of customer experience

Moore's law is transforming the world of retail and food. The future is here, and the time to prepare is now. The Interactive Customer Experience Association plans to host 'Inflection Point: The Future Tech of Customer Experience,' to help get B2C brands ready for the future of customer engagement tech.

I've got my eyes on you, kiosk: analytics and location

When it comes to analytics, you also have to consider the critical topic of location. You need to follow your customer's footsteps to deliver a truly successful kiosk deployment.

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AR digital signage kiosk goes to the Smithsonian

Augmented reality and natural UI developer Zugara's augmented reality patent for virtual dressing room technology recently was selected by the U.S. Patent Office for the Smithsonian Innovation Festival.

Red Robin deploys tabletop tablets to corporate restaurant locations

Red Robin has recently deployed more than 20,000 tabletop tablet kiosks to all of its corporate restaurant locations to allow customers to peruse the menu, pay for their meal, rate the service and more.

POS printer manufacturer enables customer engagement

Point-of-sale printer manufacturer Star Micronics has unveiled a new feature to its digital receipting service AllReceipts to allow retailers to engage their customers with promotions.

Kiosk manufacturer develops automated retailing systems for trade shows

Kiosk manufacturer AVT Inc. has announced it is developing a new automated retailing system for trade shows to reward participants and provide companies with customer analytics.

Global interactive kiosk market to reach $2.88 billion by 2022, report says

The global interactive kiosk market is expected to be worth $2.88 billion by 2022 and grow by a CAGR of 14.63 percent, according to a new report.

McDonald's UAE deploys 'Create Your Taste' kiosks

McDonald's customers of the United Arab Emirates can now create their own custom orders with 'Create Your Taste' kiosks.

IntuiLab announces support for Google Chrome OS

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, the no-coding interactive digital signage experience creation platform, has announced support for the Chrome OS.

Alabama city integrates tag-renewal kiosks

Residents in Rogersville, Alabama, will now no longer have to make a trip to the county tag office to renew their tags, they can simply go to the town hall to utilize a kiosk.

Airport security kiosk wins 2015 Airport Innovation of the Year award

Vancouver Airport Authority's BorderXpress kiosk recently was named the 2015 Airport Innovation of the Year at the CAPA World Aviation Summit. The kiosk is designed to automate the customs process and reduce wait times.

McDonald's Canada adding digital kiosks to compete with fast casuals

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd. is introducing digital kiosks at its restaurants to allow customers to order premium hamburgers from almost 30 options.

New fast casual burger joint integrates digital signage, kiosks

This new fast casual restaurant plans to attract millennials with a casual environment combined with modern tech including a kiosk and digital signage.

Michigan county clerk directs visitors with kiosks

The Macomb County Clerk has installed two kiosks to improve customer experience and wait times.

UAE foreign currency exchange and money transfer launches kiosks

Foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company Al Ansari Exchange has launched self-service kiosks to provide remittance services.

3D printing kiosks touch down at Williams-Brice Stadium

Sports fans will now be able to have their selfies printed onto sports figurines via 3D printing kiosks.

Money transfer self-service channel arrives in China

Chinese residents will now be able to transfer or receive funds globally through a self-service account deposit service with the Bank of China.

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