Cash Kiosk: Turnkey Transactional Kiosk Solution for Retail Cash Payment & Order Fulfillment

Using the KioPay Point of Sale kiosk application and the Franklin Bill Payment kiosk by Olea, retailers can now deploy a fully integrated cash accepting kiosk for order processing and fulfillment.

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Webinar: You Can't Afford to Ignore Cash

Cash needs to be part of your automation analysis. The selection of payment options that you will offer to your customers is a critical business decision that is not to be taken lightly. We will discuss the variety of payment options available for the consumer as well as the positives and negatives of working with cash.

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$15 Minimum Wage increase will impact American service industries

The last several years have seen increased buzz around the increasing shift away from human labor that puts a greater focus on machines -- a process called “automation”.

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EagleCash simplifies military life

Soldiers from Multi-National Division - Baghdad will now be able to handle nearly all of their cash transactions within their base camp, as well as at select forward-operating bases, with just a card and a simple touch on a screen.

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Three Benefits of Investing in Cash Recycling

How cash-recycling components are reshaping currency-handling systems to the benefit of all vertical deployers, CIT vendors and consumers alike.

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Three Tips for Successful Cash-Automation Implementation

Cash automation can improve efficiency, reduce cash inventory and increase security, but successfully implementing a cash-automation system requires careful though. Creating a champion, building a set of best practices and defining criteria for success can all help ensure the process runs smoothly.

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Three Benefits of Intelligent Cash Vaults

Manually managing the flow of currency can be expensive and time consuming for retailers. Merchant cash-capture systems can increase security, improve cash flow and reduce cash-management costs.

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Cash Accepting Kiosks – The Next Big Trend in Retail Sales

Kiosk OEMs have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on a lucrative market: retail. Kiosks in the retail market already comprise nearly 57% of the world's kiosk industry, and that number is expected to grow as more retailers realize the tremendous...

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Increased Automation May Be Key to PIN Security

Increased automation may be key to PIN security As networks crack down, remote management becomes an attractive option.

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Bill payment kiosks use MEI cash acceptors

Eurobank customers in Greece have access to self-service bill payment kiosks that allow them to make small loan payments, add to their mobile phone credits and pay their utility bills, taxes and invoices via De La Rue's Cash Star 5110...

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Cash Automation Devices: How to Choose the Right One for Your Application

Cash management is a complicated affair. Learn the ins and outs of cash acceptors, dispensers and recyclers.

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Safe acceptors

Cash management company AT Systems chose MEI note acceptors for its high security autosafe. AT Systems' safe helps business owners safeguard their cash assets.

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