Chase rolls out self-service teller

Chase has rolled out a new self-service kiosk teller to act as an ATM, cash recycler and debit card embosser.


The benefits of bill payment kiosks

In the retail industry, competition has forced many business owners to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by offering unique products and services. It’s all about adding value, and businesses striving to do this often overlook an affordable, low maintenance alternative – the bill payment kiosk.

Kiosk makers take a bite out of Apple Pay

Apple Pay already has jumped to the forefront of mobile payments in its short lifespan, and it appears ready to make the jump into kiosks as well.

Is self-service the future of banking?

With the trend toward consumers now banking online, on their phone and at the ATM, are there digital signs of life left in the bank branch?

Apple Pay and interactive kiosks

The next wave of major innovation to self-service kiosk solutions is the integration of mobile payment solutions, such as Apple Pay.

Five pitfalls to avoid when dispensing cash

Dispensing bills greatly increases the complexity of the device and the logic required by your kiosk application in order to gracefully complete a cash transaction.

Apple Pay explodes onto the scene

Apple intros mobile wallet capabilities that combine NFC, Passbook and Touch ID. Company has support from banks, major card issuers and retailers.

New guide caters to restaurateurs, retailers looking to boost income with ATMs

'How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs' delivers 40 pages packed with essential information about the business of owning, operating and earning revenue from ATMs.

Apple unveils Apple Pay mobile wallet at iPhone launch event

Apple Pay, which is set to launch in the U.S. in October, uses a secure element in the phone to store card information. It eliminates the need for a mag stripe, instead generating a single-use, unique number for each transaction.

PayToo CEO: 'Facebook for the unbanked customer's financial needs'

PayToo's CEO Michel Poignant discusses the company's kiosk launch and plans for the future.

Money-transfer kiosks could send billions around the world

Kiosk Marketplace surveys the money-transfer and remittance industry's self-service and kiosk landscape.

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Payment services kiosk voted 'Best New Service' at Corporate Entrepreneur Awards

The Western Union Company was awarded the 'Best New Service' Award for its self-service bill-payment/money-transfer kiosk system, which has been deployed at more than 7,800 Walgreens.

Money transfer kiosk company aiding in Hurricane Patricia relief

Money transfer company MoneyGram has announced it plans to aid victims of Hurricane Patricia by donating and waiving its transaction fee for anyone sending money to an account in Mexico.

Money transfer company launches kiosks

Money transfer company Xpress Money recently announced the launch of its own line of self-service kiosk for customers to make international money transfers.

Georgia utilities company deploys bill-payment kiosk at store

Dalton Utilities, based in Dalton, Georgia, has deployed a bill-payment kiosk at the Loa Bakery in the city to allow residents to pay utilities and TV bills.

Ohio county to install drive-through bill-payment kiosks

Next year, residents of Stark County in Ohio will be able to pay property taxes, court fines and fees at bill-payment kiosks that will be deployed at drive-through locations.

Dubai bus shelters offer phone charging, Wi-Fi via kiosk

Travelers will now be able to check their email or charge their phones while waiting at select Dubai bus shelters.

Dubai Police deploy bill-payment kiosks

Dubai residents now have a fast way to pay off their speeding tickets since the Dubai Police have recently deployed bill payment kiosks across the United Arab Emirates to pay for police fines.

Walgreens partners with Western Union to deliver bill-payment kiosks

Walgreens has partnered with Western Union to deliver bill-payment kiosks to the retailer's customers. The kiosks have been deployed at 7,800 Walgreens locations.

Georgia county launches tax payment kiosks for a fee

Residents of Gwinnet County, Georgia, can now skip the lines by paying their property tax via kiosk, as long as they are willing to pay a fee based on their method of payment.

Library patrons renew driver's licenses via kiosk

Now, Iowa residents will be able to renew their driver's licenses at the library via self-service kiosks.

Money transfer service to allow remittances from South Pacific

MoneyGram, the money transfer and payment service provider, has reached an agreement with the Bank of South Pacific to allow Samoan and Tongan customers to send remittances.

UAE foreign currency exchange and money transfer launches kiosks

Foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company Al Ansari Exchange has launched self-service kiosks to provide remittance services.

Michigan company to deploy additional bill-payment kiosks

DTE Energy has announced plans to install its bill-payment kiosks in additional water departments throughout Michigan.

El Paso Catholic churches use tablet kiosks for donations

Recently, two Catholic churches in El Paso deployed tablet kiosks for attendees to make credit card donations.

Mississippi city to install bill-payment kiosk

The Meridian City Hall in Meridian, Mississippi, plans to reduce lines by installing a bill-payment kiosk.

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