Kiosks as Virtual Attendants

Virtual attendant kiosks are helping companies increase personalized service while offering tremendous cost savings.

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Kiosks in Retail 101

Self-service kiosks increasingly are becoming a fixture of the retail landscape. As they become more popular, the devices are changing the way retailers serve their customers.

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Multi-Touch Interactivity: Redefining the In-Store Customer Experience

The economic downturn, coupled with the near-universal adoption of mobile web devices, has permanently changed the way consumers shop. Shopping trips begin online or at instore kiosks, and price comparisons and coupon searches via a variety of mediums are increasingly commonplace.

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Kohl's interactive experience at NRF 2014

Chad Brown with Xomni demonstrates his company's interactive assisted selling solution for Kohl's, at this year's NRF show.

Image Manufacturing Group talks recent retail deployment

At this year's Customer Engagement Technology World, Image Manufacturing Group marketing director Greg Tefertiller gave an overview of a recent deployment his company worked on for Delta and Home Depot.

Top 5 ways tablet kiosks convert showroomers to customers

Retailers need to find new ways to surprise and delight showrooming store visitors. One way to engage and entertain them is with affordable tablet kiosks, saving them time and providing rewards like unique in-store specials, activities and loyalty benefits. Affordable and portable tablet kiosks are an easy way to engage showrooming store visitors.

NRF 2012: Reducing shrink for high-loss items with kiosks

ZoomSystems showed two automated retailing solutions at NRF 2012 designed to prevent the theft of small, high-dollar items like razor cartridges. The aisle- and shelf-friendly kiosks require customers to pay for the items at the point-of-purchase before they are dispensed.

NRF 2012: StoreBOT, an automated retailing kiosk

KIOSK Information Systems used NRF 2012 to show StoreBOT, a kiosk designed for the instore sale and dispensing of high-shrinkage items.

CETW: It's iPads to the rescue for POD info

Few things frustrate shoppers more than sales assistants who don't know their products or their inventories. Reality Interactive's Jetty Hartsky shows off her company's iPad-based POD solution to that very problem: the sales e-binder.

CETW: NCR's endless-aisle solution

NCR used its booth at the fall 2011 CETW to showcase its endless-aisle solution. It enables retailers to bring their e-commerce functionality into the store for use when customers want products not currently in stock.

CETW: An update to SlideBuy POP digital sign

Ron Bowers from Frank Mayer & Associates demonstrated modifications to the SlideBuy, a movable digital sign, at Customer Engagement Technology World.

MediaTile shifting from turnkey to SaaS for digital signage kiosks

The HumanKiosk company will focus on software and bring in partners for hardware and branding.

Help, there's an iPad in my kiosk!

Even though it's just over a year old, the iPad has become one of the most well-known and technologically-advanced products to hit the market, and consumers have become fast adopters. Following quickly on the heels of consumer excitement, more companies...

CETW: Multi-touch assisted POP

RedDotNet demonstrates two tablet-based kiosks, one with thumb-wheel interactivity.

CETW: MediaTile rolls out 'mini-me' HumanKiosk

MediaTile CEO Simon Wilson talks about the new 19-inch HumanKiosk digital signage solution.

Kiosks, digital signage to make big show at Big Show

An A-to-Z look at some tech companies at the annual NRF event.

Coke dispenser designed to ensure self-serve means selection

The master marketer is taking beverage dispensing to the next level, and leading the way on self-serve in QSRs.

Retailers combine digital signage, kiosks to create flagship store within a store

Attention-grabbing signs and self-service kiosks help build a destination for passersby and in-store shoppers.

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