What Sci-Fi flicks can teach us about interactive experiences


Expectations for movie-like technologies can sometimes interfere with developing real-world solutions.


Ford UK test drives 3-D technology (video)

Touch screens at British malls feature 3-D versions of Ford's newest vehicle.

3-D screen aims to catch eyes, sell chips at Circle K

ProVision 3D says its advertising system will expand to several large merchants next year.  

Keep your eyes open for augmented reality

Mixing real-world reality with virtual reality, augmented reality looks ready to be the next wave hitting kiosks, digital signage and mobile technology.

3D, interactivity and the new wave of kiosk display technology

New and innovative display technologies are changing the way consumers see, interact with, and maybe even touch, digital signage and kiosk displays.

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Rite Aid to roll out in-store 3D Rewards Center kiosk

Shoppers at Rite Aid stores in New York and Los Angeles will get a dose of glasses-free, holographic 3D videos and images, thanks to the pharmacy chain's multi-year agreement with Provision Interactive Technologies. Provision announced that 200 Rite Aid stores...

'Look, Ma. No glasses' Kiosks offer improved 3-D experience

Shoppers in Ithaca, N.Y., are testing 3DFusion's stereoscopic broadcast quality glasses-free 3D television platform. The company has launched its system as a fully operational 3D advertising promotional kiosk, displaying 3DFusion's proprietary 3DFMax stereoscopic content.

X2O launches new version of vClips video kiosk

X2O Media has announced that it will launch at CETW 2011 a new version of its Xpresenter vClips video kiosk powered by the company's next-generation NITRO graphics platform. With NITRO, the latest version of vClips combines new dynamic display capabilities,...

Patent approved to provide kiosks with 3-D technology

Provision Interactive Technologies has developed technology to provide 3-D views of products for the self-service kiosk markets, according to the company's press release. "Imagine a 3-D person greeting you when you conduct an ATM transaction or being able to have...

ClariView launches oversized kiosks

ClariView, a digital-signage company in the United Kingdom, has added larger kiosks to its inventory of existing 17- and 19-inch machines, according to a press release on newswiretoday.com. "There was a requirement for a large-format information kiosk," according to the...

3-D LiveLab opens doors in Netherlands

The Zero Creative-cosponsored 3D LiveLab recently opened its doors in the Dutch media city of Hilversum. The 3D LiveLab is hosted by DutchView in one of its TV studios and will be open until at least March 2011. The idea...

Zero Creative showing off 360-degree approach to 3D at IBC2010

Zero Creative has announced that it will present its complete 3D product and service lineup during this year's IBC 2010 exhibition in Amsterdam. The company says it has a unique approach because of its wide variation of solutions in the...

Sharp to launch no-glasses 3D LCD screens

Digital Trends reports that electronics manufacturer Sharp plans to roll out a glasses-free 3D LCD screen near the end of 2010.

U.K. company intros wayfinding app with self-update feature

Manchester, England-based digital signage agency Pixel Inspiration has introduced the Way 2 Go touchscreeen wayfinding application for interactive signs and kiosks. According to a news release from Pixel, the application is ideal for large buildings such as hospitals, airports, shopping...

Provision Interactive debuts responsive second-gen interactive 3D product

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Provision Holding, Inc., announced that its second-generation proprietary "Air Touch" technology interface has debuted with the company's patented 3D holographic display.

Provision expands 3D offerings with Samsung, Microsoft

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Provision Interactive has been busy expanding its 3D network and partnering with companies that will bring 3D interactive media to the next level.

Spatial View launches glasses-free 3D digital signage at European T-Mobile stores

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — Spatial View Inc., a developer of 3D image processing and display technologies, has announced that T-Mobile Czech Republic will pilot its autostereoscopic 3D displays in two of its Prague retail locations. The screens will feature original...

Provision 3D digital signage joins forces with IBM

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Provision Interactive Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Provision Holding Inc., announced today that it has entered into programs with IBM designed to promote both firms' unique best-in-class technologies.

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